Helias loss leaves players numb

October 22, 2007

Our football team knew going into last Friday’s game against Helias that the outcome would have a big impact on the rest of our season.

A win would’ve meant a good chance of winning the district championship; a loss would’ve most likely limited our season to two more games.

Despite our efforts, we failed to upset Helias, losing 27-13.

Every player on our team has his own way of dealing with a loss. While some need to sit around and dwell on it, others have to put it out of their heads immediately.

I think last Friday’s loss hit every player on our team the same way. No one wanted the realization to sink in that our playoff hopes were ultimately ruined.

Our expectations for the season were crashing down on us, but we weren’t angry or depressed, we were numb.

The next morning was when the loss finally sunk in. Why did we lose? What could I have done to make us win?

These are all questions that can’t be answered. While mistakes were made, I don’t think any were because of a lack of effort.

Throughout the season we have never given up and have always walked off the field with our heads up. As a senior, I take as much pride in that as I do anything.

Our season will consist of two more games, one against Marshall and one against Mexico. There is still plenty to play for in these last games.

Marshall is a rival. We have not been on the winning side of it since my freshman year.

The game against Marshall this Friday will be the last time the seniors will play at Jennie Jaynes Stadium.

We are playing to salvage our record. We do not want to be 4-6 or 5-5; we want to be the team to bring back a winning record to our program.

More important than any rivalry or record, I look at these games as a last chance.

For many of our seniors, they won’t play football competitively again.

While some will go further in their football careers, the end is near for most of us. These games will be our last opportunities to strap on the pads, lace up the cleats, and make memories together on the game field.