Recipe for fun

November 21, 2007

Many hands — more than 74 pairs — made light work at Applewood Christian School on Wednesday.

Students, staff, parents and alumni of the school worked together all morning to prepare the annual Thanksgiving feast.

Every student, from the kindergartners to the seniors, was involved in cooking various dishes for the feast in the school’s kitchen.

Not only was each dish was made by the students — with a little help from parents and teachers — but the students helped set up and decorate the hall, and provided the entertainment.

“Everything, from the kindergartners rolling crescent rolls to the seniors setting up tables and doing the stuffing,” said Paula Crosier, the supervisor of the feast. “Everything from cakes to green bean casserole.”

Members of the junior class broke up the bread for stuffing, mixing it with crumbled cornbread, vegetables, and croutons for stuffing, while the second- and third-graders dropped spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough onto cookie sheets laid out across tables.

“I want to eat one of the chocolate chips so bad,” said second-grader Sarah Greer, of Hughesville.

She and Cleo Norman, of Otterville, were bent over the same bowl, carefully dropping the raw dough onto cookie sheets to be put in the school ovens.

The two anticipated not just the food, but also the performances by different groups in the school.

“Me and Cleo have a little surprise we’re going to do,” said Sarah.

“It’s an Indian stick song,” said Cleo, who is in third grade.

Across the room, Sarah’s sister, Emma Greer, and Taylor Mabry, both fourth-graders, helped decorate the tables covered with white paper.

“We’re decorating the tables now, but our other job was the green beans,” said Emma.

Emma said that she was looking forward to the play, while Taylor was eager to taste the cookies.

Teacher Samuel Nelson, who helped students with the green beans, also moved on to the decor. He praised one of the tables displaying a large “Be Thankful.”

“I just like to have a more relaxing day, and getting to know people better. And giving thanks,” Nelson said.

Principal Pam Young said the annual event typically draws more than 200 people, including parents, grandparents, friends and alumni of the school.

“A lot of alumni come back for this event, because it’s a lot of fun, and the colleges are usually out,” she said.

This year, “We had most of the alumni from the class of 2003 down. All the alumni from those years came, so that was great,” she said.

And despite the 10 turkeys and 16 gallons each of green beans and corn the students cooked, “We didn’t have a ton of food left over,” she said.

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