Dog pound worker objects to story

April 22, 2008

After reading the article regarding parvo at the Mid-Mo Humane Society, I felt compelled to write in to clear up some inaccuracies as well as present some information I felt should have been included in the article.

The article stated that symptoms usually appear in a week. But according to the “Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information” they can take seven to 14 days to appear and some dogs, especially older ones can be infected carriers without ever showing clinical signs, and until symptoms are displayed a parvo snap test will be negative.

Vaccinations were only mentioned once. It is the only way to prevent parvo. If all the pet owners in Sedalia vaccinated their animals and spayed or neutered to control the puppy population this problem wouldn’t exist.

We here at the Humane Society understand the importance of vaccinations, which is why we vaccinate all animals as soon as they arrive. However, it is recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association that puppies receive two to three series of shots starting at six weeks continuing to 16 weeks. Due simply to the number of animals we bring in, it is not feasible to hold puppies that long, so we count on those who adopt to finish the series. According to the “Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information” about 80 percent of puppies who get it and receive treatment will survive. Parvo is not a death sentence. To quote someone without vet experience as saying they don’t have a chance is irresponsible on the part of the Democrat.

The Mid-Mo Humane Society takes all possible steps to keep parvo out and to contain it once it arrives. Every occupied cage is cleaned and sanitized every day. This is why it didn’t spread past the handful of dogs that seem to have gotten it. To say that it is “very likely that all the other dogs adopted out Saturday were infected” is ridiculous. As far as I could tell, the Democrat didn’t feel the need to interview a veterinarian for this story, rather they seemed to take the judgment of a 19-year- old as sound. Again this seems to me to be irresponsible journalism.

In closing I would like to invite people to please come in and have a look at the wonderful animals we have. Please do not let a piece of overly negative journalism scare you away from the shelter. These animals need homes desperately and they are counting on you to come in.

Tim Dieker