Group backs Sweet Springs bond

April 4, 2009

To the patrons of the Sweet Springs R-7 School District:


As many of you already know, there will be a bond issue (proposition “Kids First”) on the April 7 ballot for the purpose of building an elementary addition onto the current Marshall Street campus. Our current elementary school was built in two stages 1926 and 1963, and is in need of very significant upgrades that would cost literally millions of dollars. The 1963 building is cold in the winter and hot in the late summer. The heating system is in immediate need of being replaced and that alone would cost $300,000. This year, the elementary gym went six weeks with no heat at all. Both buildings need central air conditioning and heating, which is impossible without replacing all the windows and doors of both buildings. While the school district has made repairs throughout the years, we have reached a point where normal day-to-day upkeep is no longer sufficient.

The Marshall Street campus has been built in three stages 1975, 1983 and 1998. When construction began on the first of those buildings, the intent was to eventually have the entire school (K-12) located on that site. That day has now arrived. Anyone with questions regarding the building project is urged to visit with Mr. Jones or Mrs. Wright at the elementary school.


There have been and will continue to be public meetings to explain the need for proposition “Kids First.” By all means, contact the school with any questions, but in the end we feel confident that you will come to the same conclusion that we have: Now is the time to replace the current elementary school. Proposition “Kids First” is what is best for the school district, it is what is best for the taxpayers of Sweet Springs and most importantly it is what is best for our kids.


Note: A yes vote on Proposition “Kids First” does not raise taxes.


The Kids First Committee: Marilyn Bock, John Dohrman, Don Vogelsmeier, Raymond Boland, Janet Brandt, Tara Brewer, Jeff Higgins, Mary Ann Keeney, Linda Krause, Mike Martin, Nancy McKeage, Monroe Perkins, Tom Tyler

Sweet Springs