Police, sheriff's departments happy to report a quiet Fourth

July 6, 2009

Local law enforcement agencies reported few arrests or disturbances over the Fourth of July weekend.

Both the Sedalia Police Department and the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office received grants to put additional officers on the roadways Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Neither agency reported any disturbances related to fireworks and made few arrests during the holiday.

“It was quiet, very quiet for the Fourth of July,” Sedalia Police Chief John DeGonia said.

The police department used grant money to put four or five additional patrol officers out on the road throughout the holiday weekend, which DeGonia said is usually a busy time for local law enforcement.

The extra patrolmen bolstered the force to between eight and 10 officers on the streets at all times. Police focused their patrols on the major thoroughfares in town, including 16th Street, Broadway Boulevard and Limit Avenue.

Sheriff Kevin Bond said two extra deputies patrolled roads and highways in the county.

Dep. Jerry Hunter said patrolmen pulled over 41 drivers throughout the weekend, making one driving while intoxicated arrest, arresting one person on an outstanding felony warrant and writing tickets for several traffic violations.

He said although the sheriff’s office pulled over slightly more vehicles than on a regular weekend, the long holiday weekend was relatively quiet for deputies.

“There were no injuries reported to the sheriff’s office related to fireworks,” Hunter said.

Bond said his office received no reports of fires or property damage stemming from fireworks displays.

DeGonia said police also had few reports of fireworks being shot off in town. He said people followed the rules and were cooperative with officers.

“We didn’t have to write one summons or anything as far as fireworks,” DeGonia said.

He said he did not know whether the quiet holiday is attributable to people trying to save money in a challenging economic climate, but he was happy for the calm weekend.