Well Said: Sen. Kit Bond

March 18, 2010

“Right now, generations of kids who grew up learning about our nation’s law-making process from ‘School House Rock’ are scratching their heads. You see, most Americans think before a bill becomes a law, both the House and Senate must vote on it. But the House Democrats have found a loophole to our Constitution — a procedure invented to add technical corrections to legislation. ... (T)here is no sane person who actually believes that a bill that costs a trillion dollars, rewrites one sixth of our economy, increases health care costs, raises taxes and cuts Medicare benefits for seniors, qualifies as a ‘technical correction.’ ”

Sen. Kit Bond

The Missouri Republican issued this dressing down of Democrats’ plans to use the so-called Self Executing rule to push through health care reforms. He makes a great point, and uses a classic pop culture reference to drive it home.