Mo. Highway Patrol plans sobriety checkpoints

August 27, 2010

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be conducting several traffic enforcement operations throughout the state during September.

According to a news release from Captain Robert L. Powell, commanding officer of Troop A, troopers along with the Kansas City Police Department will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint in Clay County. There also will be driving while intoxicated saturations conducted in Henry, Cass, Benton and Platte counties.

The checkpoint locations have been identified as having a high number of alcohol-related contacts.

Drivers who approach the checkpoints should follow the directions posted on signs and watch officers’ signals. Drivers will be asked to show their driver’s license and proof of insurance at the checkpoints. The checkpoints will take less than five minutes normally. Drivers will not be asked to exit their vehicles unless an officer suspects drinking or other violations of Missouri laws.

The operations are an effort by the patrol and other law enforcement agencies to remove intoxicated drivers from highways.