Letter was front-page news

September 18, 2010

The letter from Republican election judge Paul Bennett (”Election judge admits ballot error,” Sept. 12) rebutting charges in the Aug. 30 front-page article “Pettis GOP files complaint” should have been published on the front page, where it would have been seen by the same group of readers (headline skimmers) who saw the first story.

As Bennett said, “This charge was meant to be and was political in nature” at a time when the GOP is trying to undermine the county clerk, who has served the county as a public servant rather than an ambitious politician for a number of years. The facts concerning the GOP’s complaint and Bennett’s testimonial — “To my knowledge, Pam Doane has done an outstanding job, as has her staff, for the number of years I have worked the polls” — should have gotten the same prominence.

Jerry W. Harlan

Retired chemist, Sedalia