Boo-tiful pumpkins

October 25, 2011

Ryan Woolery, of Sedalia, shared these photos of pumpkins he carved and decorated for Halloween. He provided the following description of his techniques and motivation:

•Halloween is a big thing in my family. I have two boys of my own: Ryland, 4, and Ayden, 3. They’re at that perfect age for Halloween and they love pumpkins and carving them. I made these for them last year. Here’s how I did them:

• Left: The first pumpkin was carved by my boys with their mom. It might have been the most simple — but it was just as important and special to me as the other two was for them.

• Center: This one was inspired by the character Mike from “Monsters Inc.” I painted it green, and made arms, hands, and feet from dowel rods. I then cut the mouth out, and a crescent section for the eye. I then used a marker to make a pupil, and rounded out the rest of the eye with some sandpaper. I poked the arms and legs through the pumpkin, and finished it off by making it a few teeth by painting leftover candy corn white and putting them in with toothpicks.

• Right: The last one was the most time consuming. I began by drawing a simple face on the pumpkin. Then we sorted through seven bags of candy corn, picking just the perfect ones. Once we had what we needed, I started gluing them to the pumpkin using hot glue. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but the work paid off.

  1. Boo-tiful pumpkins

  2. Boo-tiful pumpkins

  3. Boo-tiful pumpkins