Sedline for July 28-29

July 28, 2012

“The city does not want me to have my rake, hoe and spade by the side of my front steps. I believe they should be allowed, especially if the owner or renter is a yard or flower person. I have moved them to the back steps; I hope this is OK.”

“I’d kinda like to know why our local college can’t recruit local athletes. Now I see they are bringing them in from outside the country. It was bad enough when they were recruiting from all over the country. They like our tax dollars, but not our kids.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea, Sedalia City Council: Instead of buying cameras, let’s fix the bridge.”

“I’m just wondering when they are ever going to mark the block beside the Post Office that is one way. ... Is it going to take somebody hurt seriously before they mark that?”

“I do not think wealth or religious beliefs make or break a president of the United States. Remember John F. Kennedy, and let’s remember that when we go to the polls in November.”

“You know, somebody’s telling me I can’t see without my glasses.”

“We are having to stick to a tight budget at home due to the low interest rates we receive from the bank. Both the city and county may have to do the same, since sales tax revenue is down.”

“Thank you to the young man who helped me at Walmart (June 21). My 1-year-old daughter had her foot stuck in a grocery cart and he was able to come over and calmly help us out. I was a panicked mother. I just want to say thank you for being so kind.”

“I’d like to thank the officer on July 23 at the McDonald’s on Highway 50 drive-thru who paid my ticket. He paid it forward — appreciate it very much.”

“The whiners and the sore losers complain about health care, which really is a good thing, but just you wait — should Romney get in as president, it will be turned around as a good thing by Republicans.”

“I can’t understand people who think it is shameful for a woman to breast-feed her child in public. They’re hungry when they’re hungry, and God instituted breast- feeding.”

“The BMW rally sure added life to this town. They also did as they said they would: They left the fairgrounds cleaner than when they got here. Hope they come back.”

“I want to say thank you to the trash pickup men. My trash was torn into and scattered all over the yard, and I was unable to go out and clean it up, and they cleaned it up and took it all away. That was really a blessing to me and I thank them for that.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to all residents of Winchester Meadows Assisted Living Facility, who made a huge contribution to victims of the fire at Mark Twain Apartments. Their gift was inclusive from safety pins to socks to stylish clothes and cash. Thanks again.”

“I am sick and tired of these maniacs going on killing sprees in movie theaters. And who gets blamed? Honest gun owners and the NRA. Now the United Nations has a small arms gun treaty to register all firearms ... which your news media is failing to report because the one-world government people want to control and enslave the world under Marxism and socialism in the disguise of world peace.”

“It is really great to have the newspaper on the porch early in the morning, and I hope this will encourage new subscribers. The service is great, and the news is really good, too.”