What will President Obama say or do next?

August 3, 2012

It was our military, people whom the president holds in disdain, not President Barack Obama,who removed Osama bin Laden, while Obama watched like it was a video game.

He was fortunate to be president when bin Laden was located and made the right decision, but what choice did he have? If he said no, when word leaked out (not that the White House has leaks), his ratings would have gone down further. Again, the right decision, but even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.

General Motors was bailed out to save union jobs and votes with taxpayer money. They havenít paid it all back. Now these two things have been made into a stupid bumper sticker.

Now the successful business owners have been slammed. Just because you worked long hours at minimal salary, and provided a good product or service, the president doesnít think you did it. I agree, unless you are a contractor, you didnít build the roads and bridges. However, the taxes you pay are paying the salaries of those who built them. Seems like you actually created more jobs. Who helped whom?

One last thought: Venture capitalists brought us successful businesses like Staples and others with their own money; the president, as a political payback, brought us Solyndra with $528 million of our tax dollars.

Gene Perkins