Sedline for Aug. 18-19

August 18, 2012

“After reading the paper this week about Congress, I wonder how many jobs out there get short work weeks, five weeks off in the summer with the kind of salary and benefits that Congress gets. I know they are smiling all the way to the bank, but it is a real shame.”

“I’m out here at the fair this evening, and I think there is a big vehicle contest going on with all the golf carts and ATVs. The Department of Agriculture wins, they’ve got the biggest monster that I’ve ever seen.”

“We sure welcome to our Missouri State Fair the Clydesdale horses. They really are beautiful and make the parade very special. Hopefully they will be back here at the fair in 2013.”

“You are doing a wonderful job covering the state fair. Thank you very much.”

“I wanted to say thank you to all the citizens of Sedalia who are devoting their time to manning the courtesy cars out at the fair. ... They will take you just about anywhere you want to go on the fairgrounds. Very courteous, doesn’t cost you anything, and they won’t accept tips. It’s a great deal for us senior citizens.”

“I’ve got some answers for you ...”

“I want to thank Mary Jo Sartan, coordinator for CACTUS, for organizing a great distribution and packing program last week. I volunteered to help and was really pleased with the effort from CACTUS for the local community. Way to go.”

“I think our city administrator and council people need to cooperate fully with the library board, because I can think of few worse things for a progressive city than a ‘closed’ sign on a library. I would question how we could market a community to anyone, let along new businesses, with a closed library.”

“Why do mothballs cost so much?”

“Republican Todd Akin opposes federal student loans, minimum wage and says he doesn’t like the Social Security program. He wants vouchers for senior citizens to buy private health insurance in place of Medicare. Good gravy, people, unless you want this to happen, you better vote for Democrat Claire McCaskill. Pay attention, people.”

“We are headed for economic collapse due to the severe drought. Thirty-two states have declared a disaster; that means only 18 left to produce food in the United States. ... People, you better wake up — you can’t eat gold and silver, which will soon be worthless.”

“It’s unfortunate that the Republican Party has to use lies and deception to try to win an election. The more money you have, the more you can have a chance of winning.”

“Regarding fixing the library, they should have used the money they spent replacing sidewalks that hardly anybody uses.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics. The opening and closing ceremonies, and everything in between. Hail to the queen.”

“Our editor of the newspaper has a huge ego. We all learned that the minute he came to Sedalia. ... Get off your high horse, we know who you are.”

“I just wanted to say how much I liked Bob Satnan’s article on his dog, Henry. Thank you.”

“I heard they are going to be conducting a government study on the impact of high utility bills on the low income. Duh, how much money are they going to waste on that study?”