Sedline for Sept. 1-2

September 1, 2012

“Is too much emphasis being made of what to wear to church? When asked why they don’t go to church, many poor people list clothes as the No. 1 reason. This is sad because we, as Christians, are told to seek out the poor, the crippled, the homeless and the blind. To answer another question, yes, I have worn Wranglers and a Polo shirt to church.”

“You know the economy has dipped to an all-time low when the time and temperature number has been disconnected. Are there any stimulus funds left?”

“Great big kudos to the city and the committee working to clean Sedalia up. It has been needed for a very long time. We should have some pride in this city; it is a wonderful place. There is a small contingent of people who have no means or way to clean things up, but that is such a small percentage; the other 90 percent are just lazy or have no pride.”

“I’m a 74-year-old grandma, I’ve lived here all my life, and I’d just like to say yay for the Santa House.”

“I’m sick of both political parties. They are nothing but a farce. ... The elitists know nothing about unemployment or the cost of groceries. The elitists have it made. They fly around in big jetliners while the rest of us struggle to get by. ... None will receive my vote.”

“I would like to thank the two ladies who helped me out last week when I fell. I think I would still be laying there if they hadn’t stopped to help me.”

“I was really curious to ask (the City Council), what are they going to do about the hoarders? How do you really think you are going to fix that problem with the new rules and regulations? Forget the grass, what about hoarders?”

“I think the Senior Center should have a suggestion on what the seniors want, pool tables or shuffle board courts.”

“I’m glad to see Sedalia’s got a committee now to start to clean up the city. I think they ought to start with campaign signs and rummage sale signs.”

“This is a great idea for Sedalia, because Sedalia is dead. There is nothing going on in Sedalia. ... Give me five names of bands that you would like to see play at the Mathewson Exhibition Center at the fairgrounds, and whoever gets the most votes, we’ll get that band to play there. There are no bands that ever play there ... it will keep the kids and other people from doing bad things out on the street.”

“I can’t believe somebody in today’s paper said he would vote for Todd Akin for president. I don’t know if it is president of the dog pound or what — but the dog pound is too good for him.”

“I had to go outside today. I had to listen to the rain.”

“I am so thankful to God, not ‘the weather gods,’ for the wonderful rain we received over the weekend.”

“What about my gutters falling on the front of my house, my porch furniture is looking in distress, some of my roof shingles are missing and my house is peeling. Will the Clean Up Sedalia committee turn me in? Definition of rubbish is mayor and council on the backs of citizens they represent.”

“I have enjoyed seeing the new sidewalks to the schools, and the other day I went out to walk one of them near Heber Hunt and lo and behold, cars were parked over the sidewalks. ... Now that the new sidewalks are all in, the children need to be able to walk the sidewalks, not have to go out to the streets to get around the cars.”

“Thank you to guest commenter Douglas Kiburz for informing us about the rails and cattle being part of Sedalia’s landscape. We loved the opinion.”

“Concerning the bridge, check your history. The only reason we have it is ’cause Boonville has one and we felt left out. Build a substation over north, put a cop car and reserve pumper in it, pay their salaries with all the money saved by not building another bridge. There aren’t enough trains to even need the bridge anymore.”

“I think what Charter cable needs is some competition.”

“I’m sorry your health insurance went up, but I, myself, would give anything just to be able to afford to go see a doctor.”

“A million dollars? I don’t think so. We have a little library on the corner east of the main library now that’s big enough for Sedalia. With the Internet, who needs the library anyway?”

“Is it OK with the health department if a doctor brings his dog to the office with him every day?”

“If a person wears sunglasses constantly, day and night, or a wig day and night, those persons should be buried that way. Not too long ago I went to a funeral; she didn’t have her wig on. I thought I was at the wrong funeral.”