Letter to the editor: Honor Flight was 'awesome'

October 5, 2012

Shortly after enlisting in the Navy in 1965, I was awarded an all-inclusive tour to southeast Asia in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam on the aircraft carrier the USS Kitty Hawk.

This last Tuesday, I was awarded an all-inclusive tour of the Washington, D.C., memorials, Arlington Cemetery and other interesting sites.

Thank you to the Honor Flight staff and board members. Special thanks to Jim, Pam, Latisha and Charlie.

This was a whirlwind tour, all happening in 24 hours. We were cheered at many places and a police and motorcycle escort led us from I-70 to Sedalia with the fire department doing a water cannon salute at Main Street.

The Boy Scouts were at City Hall with their honor guard, and probably 100 people cheered at us as we disembarked to our homes. This last reception happened after midnight on our return. It was awesome. Thank you.

Cletus Tagtmeyer

U.S. Navy, Vietnam