Oct. 6-7 Sedline

October 6, 2012

“In regards to the letter from the lady whose said times were good, I think she needs to talk to some of people whose names appeared in this paper whose homes were foreclosed on this year.”

“I went down Grand to 20th and then on to Clinton Road to buy some grass seed. I passed MFA and turned around and came back. Well, they have a brand new brown building. Go see it!”

“No matter who is elected president, he needs to listen to the song ‘Song of the South” and start a WPA program or continuing recession is not Obama’s fault.”

“Isn’t it amazing how the Democrats and the Republicans join to together to help end the strike for football but they can’t get along in Congress?”

“Hooray for President Obama’s wife for her interest and push to attract the young to a healthy lifestyle and eating a sensible and proper diet of vegetables and fruit. Thank you, Michelle.”

“If the city of Columbia, Mo. can set a limited time for the cleanup of burned-out buildings and such, or they have to pay a hefty fine, why can’t the city of Sedalia do the same? Why should the taxpayers pay $150,000 to have two old buildings cleaned up? Anybody in their right mind knows those two lots won’t be worth $75,000 apiece when they are cleaned up and that just takes them out of the tax base when the city owns them.”

“I just drove eight miles to recycle in recycling bins. If the city of Sedalia can’t put some recycling bins on the east side of town, I’m not going to make any more special trips over there. People over here on the east side pay taxes just like everybody else and we ought to at least have adequate access to those bins.”

“This prayer event set for Saturday at Smith-Cotton High School with churches, pastors, community leaders and political representatives. Isn’t there such a thing as separation of church and state? It seems unconstitutional and wrong. Just wondering if anyone’s going to comment on that?”

“Someone called in and said we should appreciate what we’ve got with President Obama. Hmm...I’m drawing a blank.”

“President Clinton raised taxes modestly on the rich, cut the federal workforce, invested in middle class education and technologies.  The economy grew under President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, and we had government money in surplus. President Obama is trying to do the same thing. Let’s back him, people.”

“The Clean Up Sedalia committee wants certain types of furniture off porches in neighborhood. What about a business downtown that leaves things on the public sidewalk? That should be a  no-no.”

“Okay, let me take you to school again. Most of the people in the Sedalia/Pettis County area are in the 47 percent category that Romney says we’re moochers and we don’t want anything and we don’t care about anything. We’re not in the 1 percent, we’re in the 47 percent but still when you read the  paper, most of the articles  in there are for Romney and against Obama. Give me a break. You’re not 1 percent, you’re 47 percent. If you vote for Romney, there’s something wrong with you. You’re in trouble.”