Letter: JROTC cadets thankful for community support

October 27, 2012

Smith-Cotton JROTC Tiger Battalion would like to thank all those who helped us with our Eighth Annual Raider Meet. Without their help, we would have been unable to have had such a successful meet.

There are many people we would like to thank, including the 40 & 8 who donated the trophies, the restaurants that donated food items, the volunteers who gave up part of their weekend, and those who attended the awards ceremony, including Tony Gallagher, who said a few words to the teams on the excellent jobs they did.

Overall, we would like to thank our community, because without our community’s help we would not have had the successful meet that we did on Oct. 6. JROTC enjoys helping our community because in the end they are the ones who help us. Our community helps JROTC with the fundraisers that our program does in order to help out our cadets; they also help us with our events, such as the Raider Meet and the Drill Meet that we will be having on Feb. 16. There is just so much that our community does for us. Without the support of our community we would not be the successful program that we are now.

Smith-Cotton JROTC Tiger Battalion