Sedline for Nov. 10-11

November 10, 2012

“How about having the Sedalia Heritage Days celebration in warmer weather? I wanted to attend, but it was just too cool and I didn’t want to catch a cold.”

“For the first time, a copper thief has been caught — and red-handed. The court better really stick it to him.”

“Thank you for publishing the articles that Judge Debbie Mitchell has written. They are very, very informative.”

“Why doesn’t the Missouri State Fairgrounds have to obey noise ordinances like everybody else? I live three miles from that place and it’s Saturday night and I’ve been hearing this pounding noise which I’m sure somebody is calling music for near three hours. It’s ridiculous.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if the politicians only had one month to advertise, and wouldn’t it be great if on television, they could only advertise like once every three hours, and they were limited in the amount of money they could spend (on advertising)? Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

“I would like to take this time to congratulate President Barack Obama for winning a second term as president of the United States. I know it’s three days before the election, but I know what’s gonna happen.”

“Let this be a lesson to young Democrats in the county: Find somebody who is trustworthy, organize and get after it.”

“No one should vote early. These other states letting people vote early — in my opinion, that’s illegal.”

“Missouri’s absentee ballot makes liars out of most of us. Choices are: Absence on election day, incapacity due to illness or disability, religious beliefs, employed at polling place or in jail. None of these are the reasons I voted early. I don’t like long lines or standing in line. I’m healthy, but on the day of the election I might be sick and I don’t want to miss voting. Please change the form so I don’t have to lie every time I vote early.”

“Hey, Koch brothers, it looks like your check bounced.”

“Well I guess I’m now convinced in what he said, America is no longer a Christian nation — the nation I took a sworn oath to defend with my life. God please help us.”

“It would have been nice if privacy screens had been placed on the tables and booths at the Prairie polling station located at the Cornerstone Baptist Church. I was directed to sit at a long folding table and the ballot of the voter across from me was in plain sight and even touched my ballot as we filled them out. This made me uncomfortable as other voters could see how I cast my vote.”

“It seems like if you want to win a county election in Pettis County, you have to get off the donkey and ride the elephant.”

“I voted today — it was so noisy, it was hard to read and concentrate. ... There should only be whispers by the people who work at the polls.”

“Mission accomplished.”

“I wonder how Obama feels on what happened to the stock market on the day after his re-election.”

“I watched Fox News and they said the people who voted for Obama wanted free stuff. We have never received free stuff and we voted for Obama.”

“There are angels out there among us. I lost my husband two weeks ago ... I went into Country Kitchen and it just hit me, I couldn’t (eat) by myself. ... I teared up and I said, ‘Just give me the bill, and I’ll go on,’ and bless her heart, here (the server) came with a sack and ... said, ‘You come back when you feel like you can, and God bless you.’ I think that was wonderful.”

“The city of Lexington passed a $4 million bond issue to build a new hospital. The city of Sedalia is going to spend $3 million to build a new fire station. I’ll bet it’s going to be fancy.”

“I think the kids who tore up Smith-Cotton Junior High should have to clean up their mess, and I’m sure their parents are so proud of them for being so ignorant.”

“I’ve found a solution to no parking around the courthouse. I just park in the gravel lot at Fifth and Lamine that says ‘reserved for courthouse employees.’ It’s mostly empty — and I enjoy the irony.”