Sedline for Nov. 17-18

November 16, 2012

“If everybody gets as much junk mail as I do, I don’t understand why the Post Office is going broke.”

“The people on the east side of town whine and complain that everything is on the west side of town and they have to drive across town to do anything. Well, I live on the west side of town, the hospital’s on the east side of town. So if I have to go to the hospital I have to drive all the way the east side of town and I’m going to start whining and griping that we need a hospital on the west side of town, just like the east side has.”

“I would never call an Obama voter stupid. I think that maybe they don’t understand math. We could tax the rich at 100 percent and our debt would still increase at a record level over the next year.”

“To the sore Republican loser, fact-check your quote: Obama did not say, ‘America is no longer a Christian nation.’ The exact words were, ‘America is no longer just a Christian nation, but a nation of many other faiths as well.’ So the sworn oath you took to defend all faiths will still work, and God will always help us. The election is over, let’s all try to work together.”

“Barack Obama has been re-elected, and now I know how the defenders of the Alamo must have felt. We are outnumbered, outgunned, and soon America, the America that we know and cherish, will fall.”

“Enough gloom and doom already. The end is not near on Dec. 21, 2012, nor because of President Obama’s re-election. It is time you Republicans put up the cheese and whine.”

“Life is short and passes quickly. I would never sell my soul and vote for the Democratic Party, who believes in

murdering the unborn and redefines marriage between a man and a woman. Eternity is forever.”

“If you want to know why the elections turned out the way they did, pull out your Bible and go to Matthew 20:16 first.”

“According to Romney, now the reason he lost is because Obama gave out gifts. So far, we have not received our gift. If you know where we can pick it up, would you let us know?”

“Monday is a holiday for who? Everyone but the veterans. How many people who work at the Post Office ... or go to school have (served) in the military? Hardly any, I’ll bet. But they’re off. How many men out there who were in the military have to work on Monday? I think Veterans Day should be just for that, veterans. I don’t think it’s for everybody else.”

“I enjoyed the Veterans Day ceremony at Smith-Cotton High School very much. They did a great job.”

“I have to say hat’s off to Applebee’s, Colton’s, Golden Corral,

McDonald’s for a free meal deal

for veterans.”

“How many pathetic people were out for their free food on Veterans Day who were never in the service ... and have no idea what a DD-214 is?”

“About those children who damaged Smith-Cotton High School a few days ago: Why not punish these children by making them clean up the school, rain or shine?”

“What about the situation that is going on in Otterville? Maybe nobody has heard about it.”

“Parkview Christian Church has a sign out in front that says, ‘Black Friday Special.’ I was just wondering what that meant.”

“In every family, there should be a boy and a girl so they can be better parents when they have children.”

“Congress is upset and worried about Gen. Petraeus’ love affair. Now they have to do a full-scale, dragged-out investigation. Why aren’t they worried and upset about jobs and our economy? That’s when they should be working together, to solve that problem, the main problem.”

“Regardless of what the polls say, Wanda Brown is a loser. Get those campaign signs down, it’s over a week since the election.”

“I was kind enough to let ’em use my cabin for their dinner, yet no one donated any money for the utilities I’m paying on it. I hope they had a good time.”

“What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator!”