Board OKs raise for Water Dept. workers

November 28, 2012

It will be a merrier Christmas for Water Department employees after the Board of Public Works voted unanimously to approve a $1 per hour pay increase starting Dec. 1.

During its meeting Tuesday the board discussed a pay raise for the department’s hourly and salaried employees, noting they haven’t had a raise in more than a year.

“Normally we give out raises in October and during the summer, when we were talking about raises, (the board) started considering the water rate increase option and the raises discussion was pushed to the side,” said Water Department General Manager Charlie Brosch. “We also may want to think about switching to April for raises; that’s when our fiscal year starts.”

Board members agreed to the idea and also voted to give a general cost of living increase in April. The pay raise for the department’s 22 employees will cost about $46,000.

The board also discussed a proposed renovation to the department’s offices to comply with Americans with Disablities Act laws.

“The remodeling costs were higher than I thought they’d be at about $87,000 but we’ve been told that’s a worst case scenario,” Brosch said.

Construction details call for a complete overhaul of the sidewalk in front of the building and installing automatic doors to the entrances to the office.

“Our architect has been in some discussion with the city about paying for a portion of the expenses because we’d have to go into the alley (on the east side of the building),” Brosch said. “KCP&L may also be able to move a utility pole for us but those details haven’t been worked out yet.”

The board voted to go ahead with the design work on the project with a starting date of sometime in the spring.