Page 2 Sedline entries, Sept. 28 to Jan. 31

January 31, 2013

"In regard to the story on Spring Fork church, I recently saw a show on Home and Garden TV called ‘You Live In What?’ and they featured a church that had been made into a home. I think that would be a really neat idea rather than tear it down.” (Sept. 28)

“I love our state fair here in town, but we really do need more trams and we need less of all those thousands of golf carts.” (Sept. 29)

“Today’s its a soda pop, tomorrow (New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg) is gonna tell you how many licks it takes to do a lollipop. That’s government work and good taxpayers’ money right there. Good for Mayor Bloomberg.” (OCT 1)

“I’m one of the 47 percent, and praise God he blesses me to hang in there another day.” (Oct 2)

“What do you mean Romney is the only one defending America? President Obama is trying diplomacy, thank God.” (Oct. 4)

“The Highway Gardens is just beautiful this year thanks to the care and upkeep from Nickie who works so hard on that. Every flower is so beautiful. ... She does a wonderful job and many thanks to her.” (Oct. 5)

“Some overweight people have medical problems that cause them to be overweight. A lot of people don’t buy the big drinks. Some are overweight for reasons, not just because they eat too much. You need to look in the mirror before you speak.” (Oct. 6-7)

“So Santa’s Clubhouse is coming back to the courthouse lawn. Why not a nativity scene? The real reason for the season.” (Oct. 8)

“I don’t know what Sedline is, but I didn’t know what else to punch.” (OCT. 10)

“With prices going up, some salaries remaining the same, insurance and medication more expensive, interest income very low, rent and utilities higher, and the horrible attacks on Americans overseas, ask yourself, ‘Are you better off today than you were four years ago?’ ” (Oct. 11)

"How brazen can people get? Some go to a covered dish meal without a covered dish. Our organization thinks this is very dishonest and very distasteful. Shame on you. (Oct. 12)

“I believe the Sedalia Democrat is the one to settle the issue of a resident’s small tree branch falling in the neighbor’s yard and who is responsible to pick up and dispose of it.” (Oct. 15)

“The cost of Medicare Part B will not be available until after the election. This is pure politics. Vote to control the cost.” (Oct. 17)

“Is this the age of garage dwellers? As a senior citizen, how do I get them to leave my garage and to stay out of it?” (Oct. 18)

“Thank you so much to Woods Supermarket for carrying a wide variety of organic food. I see a new organic item every time I am there.” (19)

“With Veterans Day coming up, I want to thank all those businesses that offer good deals for veterans.” (Oct. 20-21)

“Bush spent all the money in the surplus account on war and those Republicans can’t realize that Obama is trying to get it back and stop war and bring back soldiers from the war. And guess what, this is a 10-year-old saying this.”

“I don’t know what’s up with these people, they go through school zones too fast, they’re on their cell phones, don’t use their turn signals, they roll through two sets of stop signs and they speed on. There’s just too much of that stuff going on.” (oct. 24)

“Stop and think: Abortion is the killing of a human being. You will be held accountable before God.” (oct. 26)

“I saw in the paper there is going to be Trunk or Treat, and I misplaced the paper and I was just wondering the location. I know it’s on Oct. 27.” (OCT. 27)

“I just read where those scientists got six years for not predicting an earthquake. I think our country ought to do something like that with the politicians who don’t keep their political promises.” (Nov. 1)

“Concerning Fire Prevention Week: We really appreciated the pictures, the 12 safety tips concerning our home and the remembrance of Rick Morris, a fallen firefighter, that the Democrat printed (last) week.” (Nov. 2)

“I would like to know if bananas and pears weigh heavier when they are not ripe compared with when they are ripe and ready to eat.” (Nov. 3)

“My grandson wants to let everybody know that the person who stole his bicycle off his porch (made him) unhappy. We hope you will enjoy the bike as much as he did.” (Nov. 5)

“I heard somebody at a local business inquiring about getting their windows tinted. They were told they could get them tinted so dark it was illegal, but that the police would not pull them over unless they were doing something really bad. So hey, go ahead, get them blacked out, it really doesn’t matter, they won’t pull you over.” (Nov. 7)

“It is a matter of time before the riots in Italy, Spain, Greece come to the United States over cuts in social programs and pension funds. ... This country is becoming a police state.” (Nov. 8)

“It’s past time to take the weeds off of the underpass on East Broadway. They look terrible.” (Nov. 9)

“We’ve gotten several vote history audits in the mail sent by Americans for Limited Government, Fairfax, Va. Our name and address is listed, along with six of our neighbors’ names and addresses and it tells if you voted in the ‘04 and ‘08 presidential elections. Where do they get this information? Seems to me that should be personal.” (Nov. 10-11)

“The football announcer for the Sacred Heart football games and his sidekick are really good.” (Nov. 12)

“The first call of the day, by AT&T’s mechanical voice, and I pressed the (numbers) like it said, and then the robot says, ‘I’m sorry, I did not get your entry.’ That sure doesn’t help my day.” (Nov. 14)

“I want to send out a big thank you to Nathan and Nicole from Bothwell Medical Supply. Both of them helped me with everything I needed to aid my husband while he is ill. Without their help, I couldn’t have gotten things done.” (Nov. 15)

“As an election judge, I just wanted to say it is surprising the people who come to vote. They can read who they are voting for, but they cannot pay attention to the instructions. Instead of filling in the place they are supposed to vote with the marker, they will put an X or a cross, which messes up the ballot.” (Nov. 16)

“It seems like the city is not planning a leaf pickup this year. That kind of caught us by surprise.” (Nov. 17-18)

“To the dark-haired lady in the newer white Impala who hit my daughter’s shopping cart, you also injured her. ... We do have part of your license plate ... It would be to your advantage to turn yourself in.” (Nov. 20)

“Wouldn’t it be a much better, wonderful world ... if we were more thankful, thoughtful, considerate, understanding, like the people who are employed at the courthouse? They should be thankful they have good job, and be considerate of the businesses downtown and understand to put the shoe on their foot if they were the owners and that was their income and their livelihood they’d want others to park somewhere else.” (Nov. 21)

“What rights do people have who work at banks, offices and schools and stuff to tell people what they are doing wrong?” (Nov. 22)

“I don’t think the police department is doing their job very well. I called in on four vehicles that were parked in handicapped parking at Walmart. ... I think it is awful that people who are handicapped can’t park in their spots because other people want to get close to the door.” (Nov. 23)

“Someone should always answer the phone at the Chamber of Commerce office, even during a staff meeting.” (Nov. 26)

“When you see dead animals like possums and raccoons lying all over Sedalia in the streets, and Animal Control won’t put out traps for cats right now because they are already in the winter months, what are we paying them to do? ... I know I have a bad cat problem in my neighborhood. ... I just don’t understand why they are not doing more about our issue here.” (Nov. 29)

“We are so impressed with artist Linda Hoover. The ‘Face of Christmas’ pictured in the Democrat is fantastic. Thank you, Linda.” (Nov.  29)

“I’d like to know what the money goes for from ringing bells for Salvation Army. Does that money stay in Sedalia? If we are giving food for the families at the food drive, and toys for the toy giveaway, what does that money go for?” (Dec. 1-2 )

“I really should have been born 20 years earlier. These modern technology glitches are enough to make a person have a stroke or a heart attack.” (Dec. 3)

“Sue Robb, who works at J.C. Penney, could not be a nicer person.” (Dec. 5)

“The car wash across from Walmart closed, and I have vouchers that I prepaid for to get my car washed there. I was wondering what I could do to get my money back or use them somewhere else.” (Dec. 6)

“Nothing makes an area look more blighted than people who leave their trash cans at the curb all week long.” (Dec. 7)

“’Verbal abuse victims deserve a better fate,’ by Stephanie Lefevers, was terrific. Thank you, Stephanie.” (Dec. 9)

“I’m wondering, since we don’t have the farmer’s market: Where can I get some dates and some figs for the Christmas holiday?” (Dec. 11)

I sure wish I had known Rose Nolen was having trouble with AT&T. I would have gone to her place every one of those 14 days and taken her a Snickers candy bar and held her hand. It’s been over two months and I am still waiting for long distance service with AT&T.”(Dec. 12)

“This is for all the people who have the handicapped placard hanging off their rear-view mirror while they are driving: When you pick up your placard from the Department of Motor Vehicles, you’re instructed that you are only supposed to hang it while you are parked, not while you are driving. ... It obstructs your view. Please remove it while you are driving.” (Dec. 15-16)

“Congratulations to Michigan for passing the right to work law.” (Dec. 17)

“I was a recent patient in Bothwell ... and I just want to say what wonderful staff they have there and thank them for all their patience and help and the wonderful care they gave.” (Dec. 18)

“I want to give a thank you to Immanual United Church of Christ ... for the bag of groceries we received from them, along with a $10 meat certificate for Bing’s. We really appreciate it.” (Dec. 19)

“You can find figs and dates at west Bing’s in Sedalia.” (Dec. 20)

“I get tired of hearing that Social Security is an entitlement program. It is not an entitlement program. It is the only system paid into by contributors to the fund. ... If the federal government had to pay back the $3 trillion they have borrowed from it, our national debt would be closer to $20 trillion, according to a leading economist.” (Dec. 21)

“Pettis County has nearly 150 bridges. Our commissioners are using an 80 percent federal/20 percent local money program to repair these bridges. You complainers about federal money being spent on our own citizens pay attention: Our taxpayer money is being spent on you, too.” (Dec. 22-23)

“Don’t tell me that because President Obama was re-elected, your doctor won’t accept a Medicare patient. The law requires doctors to accept a certain number of Medicare patients, and once they reach their quota, no more Medicare patients will be scheduled. That’s been going on for years.” (Dec. 24)

“London has done a study. The radio said people think of regrets two hours a week. I got the impression that’s a good idea. Well, I guess I’m normal, but I don’t like it, because I can’t do anything about the past.” (Dec. 25)

“Morsi and his goons in Egypt are trying to do what the Republicans want to do here, which is get rid of the middle class and especially the poor. And there is nothing wrong with wanting the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.” (Dec. 26)

“Here’s an idea. if the politicians in Washington let us all go off the cliff, how about we hold their pay until they figure out how to compromise. I bet they won’t play games again after that.” (Dec. 31)

“It’s a darn shame that citizens have to band together to care for each other in this country. Also, organizations like Salvation Army, Red Cross and Open Door work overtime and get 100 percent to our own people. The government spends our tax money on wars we can’t win, supporting two-bit dictators and being Big Brother to the world instead of us. Charity begins at home. Don’t you agree?” (Jan 1)

“Here’s my suggestion for the Sedalia Animal Shelter: You need more than one fundraiser a year. The yearly calendar is just not enough. Contact the local motorcycle clubs. The owner of Dukes & Boots is great about helping good causes. Get the Smith-Cotton Drama Club to put on a mystery dinner theater play. Have an auction. The Noonday Optimists might help ... ect., ect. I buy the calendar every year but would gladly help more.” (Jan 2)

• Great job Cole Camp City Council. What are you thinking? The streets in Cole Camp are falling apart and you want to raise money for city parks. Wake up, Cole Camp, and vote no on the tax being asked for.  (Jan. 3)

“I am sick of both political parties. If they are so wonderful, why will 46 percent of the population die in poverty?” (Jan. 5)

•“When visiting a sick friend and the person acts silly and says quips and is extra-friendly, is that visitor considered mania?” (Jan. 7)

“I was just wondering if anyone out there knows where you can buy the Tide washer cleaner?” (Jan. 8)

“Jesus said in John 14:6: ‘I am the way, the truth and the light. No man cometh to the father but by me.’ John 10:1 says: ‘Anyone who tries to climb up in any other way is a thief and a robber.’ God is not a god but the God.” (Jan. 9)

“Congratulations to Bob Satnan. We’re now seeing less of you — that’s a good thing. Dedication and determination got you your honors for weight loss and an example for others who want to lose weight.” (Jan. 10)

“Could you show us a picture of what the Washington Bridge is going to be looking like, since they already agreed to everything?” (Jan. 11)

“I phoned Dig-Rite and someone painted a large, bluish-colored mark in the grass. What kind of pipes does that mean?” (Jan. 12)

“I’m calling about everybody complaining about the bridge being closed. Why don’t they open one or two roads that the railroad closed up — it would be a lot cheaper than what it will cost to fix that bridge.” (Jan. 14)

“I was wondering if Pettis County is ever going to get out and do anything with Smasal Road. It doesn’t even get graded anymore.” (Jan 15)

“Hey Bob, congratulations on the massive weight loss. I know that wasn’t easy, but you look great. Keep up the good work.” (Jan. 16)

“Paul Ryan and a lot of his fellow politicians have spent their entire working lives on the government payroll. They have government health insurance and government retirement, enjoying all the benefits and securities they claim should not be extended to ordinary citizens. ... I for one am sick of their ‘do as I say but not as I do’ speeches.” (Jan. 17)

“I hope you guys save that iron fence on Third Street right in front of Convention Hall, and use some of that as artwork at Liberty Park where it says ‘Sculptures in the Park.’” (Jan. 18)

“I’m sorry to bother you again. ... I must be losing my mind.” (Jan. 19-20)

“The reason people are concerned about the bridge being closed is because if the train is on the railroad tracks, emergency vehicles can’t get through. You can’t drive through a train.” (JAN. 21)

“The sheriff’s department is a trash dump. ... There’s boxes everywhere. It’s very unappetizing to see taxpayers’ money being wasted like it is on the sheriff’s department. Somebody needs to clean it up.” (Jan. 22)

“You hear so much negativity every day you begin to believe there isn’t a kind soul left in the world. However, my friend and I recently had our faith restored while shopping at a local grocery store. We were dealing with a wheelchair, oxygen and groceries when a kind gentleman took the time and effort to help two elderly ladies solve their problem. His name is Steve Rose and we just wanted to thank him.” (Jan. 23)

“It is sad to see how far away from God our country has gone. The government tries to find solutions for the problem of shootings by controlling guns and addressing mental health; the main reason for such violence and sick behaviors is that parents are not teaching their children about God, and the absence of fathers in the home. There needs to be more fathers being there for their children, setting a Christian example for them.” (Jan. 25)

“At his second inaugural address, Lincoln humbly spoke of charity, reconciliation and unity. At his second inaugural address, Barack Obama made it really clear that he really doesn’t like me, or those like me.” (Jan. 26-27)

“It’s wonderful that the city has all of its ordinances on computer. I hope they got the 1980s Human Rights Commission one, and also the mid-’80s new housing ordinance that included discrimination.” (Jan. 28)

“We’re out here on 10th Street where a lot of elderly and disabled people live, and we need some sidewalks and an exercise facility and parks and a swimming pool. Now get on it.” (Jan. 29)

“Poor old downtown Sedalia, she’s in sad shape for the shape she’s in.” (Jan. 30)

“The reason the country is having so much trouble is we have broken every one of God’s laws. If you want to know what they are, read the Bible, it will tell you everything.”

(Jan 31)