Letter: Based on Americans’ behavior, terrorists are winning

February 5, 2013

We Americans have, historically, a short memory span of important events. Sept. 11 is one example. Islamist extremists set out to destroy our country and way of life. In my opinion, they are succeeding.

We are divided in unrelated matters. Everyone blames each other for major and minor problems. Our government seems gridlocked on every issue before them. We have unsustainable debt, spending, foreign aid, huge monetary waste, corruption, etc.

Currently, there is a huge discussion and disagreement on gun control. Everyone has good points, but we are still divided and blaming each other. Does anyone consider that all of these problems are just what our enemies want? How many lives, injuries and money have been lost since Sept. 11? I think these are the results Osama bin Laden had in mind.

Abe Lincoln said, “We will never fall from invasion on our shores. If we fall, it will be from within.”

Gene Chaplin