Two Versailles residents found dead in their home

February 5, 2013

Two Versailles residents were found dead in their home of apparent gunshot wounds Monday.

Carol L. Wilson, 53, and Freddie Lee Wilson, 66, were dead on the scene when Morgan County Sheriff’s deputies arrived after receiving a 911 call from Carol Wilson saying she’d been shot. Three people have been arrested in connection to the double homicide, but have not yet been formally charged, said Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty.

“We have three people, two men and a woman, in custody and we’re not looking for anyone else who could have caused the murder,” Petty said. “I’m not sure exactly what the prosecutor will charge them with but I expect some sort of murder charge will be involved.”

According to reports, sheriff’s deputies and a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper were driving to the Wilson’s residence in the 12000 block of Dorsey Lane just off state Route TT, when they encountered a white van driving away from the home.

“A marked Highway Patrol car and two of my detectives’ cars were driving on state Route 5 to the house,” Petty said. “As the van passed one of the detective vehicles, a passenger in the van grabbed the wheel and tried to steer it head on into the detective’s vehicle.”

The detective was forced to swerve in a ditch to avoid collision, though the vehicle’s side view mirror was torn off. The van also swerved into a ditch.

“Once everyone got out of their vehicles there was a scuffle,” Petty said. “An EMT who was on the scene asked if everyone was all right and one of the men from the van said he had a gun. The EMT asked the man for the gun and he gave it to him without incident.”

Petty said the investigation is ongoing and detectives are currently processing the van for leads. He expected charges to be filed sometime before noon today.