Prep wrestling: Knob Noster, Warsaw and Tipton compete at Class 1, District 2 tournament

February 9, 2013

Here are the results of Knob Noster, Warsaw and Tipton wrestlers on the first day of the two-day Class 1, District 2 tournament on Friday at Versailles.

Knob Noster

At 106 pounds, Taylor Rogaiski (28-12) defeated Ethan King (36-13), of Diamond, in a 12-5 decision. Rogiaski will next face Cody Huhn (35-3), of Fatima.

At 113 pounds, Brandon Nevils (24-16) pinned Zack Dabney (13-16), of Adrian, in 3:55. Nevils will next face Justin Xiong (20-21), of Diamond.

At 120 pounds, Vincent Mayo (7-16) was pinned in 42 seconds by Will Roark (49-1), of Seneca. Mayo will next face Caleb Schroeder (26-17), of Fatima.

At 132 pounds, Justin Jungnitsch (13-22) pinned Christian Gould (4-19), of Sherwood, in 2:56. Jungnitsch then lost to Ely Roberts (34-5), of Versailles, in an 8-0 major decision. Jungnitsch will next face Matthew Bagwill (10-24), of Tipton.

At 138 pounds, Troy Kyser (30-7) pinned Matthew Thurman (5-8), of Eldorado Springs, in 28 seconds. Then he pinned Bram Hubbard (14-33), of Butler, in 1:17. Kyser will next face A.J. Gearhart (30-18), of Holden.

At 145 pounds, Ty Hults (14-19), of Knob Noster, was pinned in 31 seconds by Auston Gerth (41-6), of Holden. Hults will next face Chance Landsman (19-22), of Sherwood.

At 152 pounds, Logan Lawber (15-24) pinned Erie Price (3-24), of Tipton in 1:58. Lawber then lost in a 15-12 decision to Alexander Vestal (30-14), of Sherwood. Lawber will next frace Kayle Williams (20-25), of Diamond.

At 160 pounds, Alex Lakin (3-20) was pinned in 23 seconds by Jalen Skaggs (43-3), of Seneca. Lakin will next face Ethan Gibson (20-7), of Tipton.

At 170 pounds, Myles Dillon (10-9) pinned Zachary Aughtman (3-10), of Fatima, in 4:43. Then Dillon lost to Ryker Skelton (19-18), of Seneca. Next, Dillon will face Cesar Jones (3-18), of Butler.

At 182 pounds, Nick Vansell, (31-6) pinned Kelly Rice (3-12), of Eldorado Springs, in 1:49. Then he defeated Austin Steenburgen (23-18) 16-1 in a technical fall. Next, Vansell will face Mason Hunt (21-15), of Holden.

At 195 pounds, Cody Sellers (11-22) was pinned in 1:23 by Zach Renfro, of Diamond. He will next face Dylan Ballew (22-13), of Versailles.

At 220 pounds, Derek Morgan (42-2), of Knob Noster, pinned Bryce McMillan (3-22), of Adrian, in 1:03. Next, Morgan will face Landon Howard (33-8), of Sherwood.

At heavyweight, Bryce Ellinger (14-14) pinned Zach Bray (9-23), of Springfield Catholic, in 19 seconds. Then he was pinned by Wesley Davidson (36-3), of Versailles, in 4:16. Next, Ellinger will face Austin Wilbers (27-21), of Blair Oaks.


At 106 pounds, Gabe Atwood (13-26) was pinned in 56 seconds by Dalton Schmidt (31-10), of Versailles. Atwood will next face Ethan King (36-13), of Diamond.

At 113 pounds, Marshall Wilson (33-10) pinned Kole Bocklage (15-13), of Fatima, in 1:52. Wilson will next face Nathan Long (19-17), of Versailles.

At 132 points, Trevor Surrell (2-28) was pinned in 38 seconds by† Alex Gaydos (29-22), of Blair Oaks. Surrell will next face Jakob Boleyn (10-6), of Eldorado Springs.

At 138 pounds, Austin Larsen (27-18) beat Jean Morales (11-34), of Adrian, 15-0 in a technical fall. He then pinned Zachary Parsons (12-13), of Versailles, in 2:54. Larsen will next face Logan Mudd (51-1), of Blair Oaks.

At 160 pounds, Daniel Stantorf pinned Wyatt Rook (24-21), of Diamond, in 2:57. He then pinned Isaac Miller (12-2), of Sherwood, in 1:52. Stantorf will next face Jalen Skaggs (43-3), of Seneca.

At 170 pounds, Jordan Johnson (4-9) was pinned in 54 seconds by Max Mickey (30-0), of Holden. Johnson will next face Ryan Kissel (6-7), of Eldorado Springs.

At 182 pounds, Austin Steenburgen (23-18) lost in 16-1 a technical fall to Nick Vansell, (31-6), of Knob Noster. Steenburgen will next face an opponent to be determined.

At 195 pounds, Tyler Summers (22-17) was pinned in 5:15 by John Melton (28-10), of Adrian. Summers will next face Ryan Bruce (19-16), of Tipton.

At heavyweight, Austin Blair (31-14) pinned Zachary Hogan (13-16), of Fatima, in 1:56. Then he pinned Dakota Steward (10-5), of Eldorado Springs, in 5:13. Next, Blair will face Wesley Davidson (36-3), of Versailles.


At 113 pounds, Jordan Barnhart (13-13) lost to Justin Xiong (20-21), of Diamond. Barnhart will next face Zack Dabney (13-16), of Adrian.

At 132 pounds, Matthew Bagwill (10-24) lost to Matt Stiefermann (26-21), of Fatima, in a 9-2 decision. Bagwill will next face Justin Jungnitsch (13-22), of Knob Noster.

At 138 pounds, Wyatt Parker (18-19), pinned Tiernan Long (5-29), of Springfield Catholic, in 44 seconds. Parker then lost in a 15-0 technical fall to A.J. Gearhart (30-18), of Holden. Parker will next face Jean Morales (11-34), of Adrian.

At 152 pounds, Erie Price (3-24) was pinned in 1:58 by Logan Lawber (15-24), of Knob Noster. Price will next face Chance House (14-11), of Holden.

At 160 pounds, Ethan Gibson (20-7), of Tipton, was pinned in 2:14 by Joe Collins (25-7), of Adrian. Gibson will next face Alex Lakin (3-20), of Knob Noster.

At 170 pounds, Austin Bennett (2-3) was pinned in 1:07 by Max Mickey (30-0), of Holden. Bennett will next face Tanner Lueckenhoff (3-12), of Blair Oaks.

At 182 pounds, Dallas Peoples (11-5) was pinned in 3:33 by Derek Scott (19-8), of Sherwood. Peoplesí next opponent is to be determined.

At 195 pounds, Ryan Bruce (19-16) was pinned in 1:07 by Austin Tevis (32-3), of Holden. Bruce will next face Tyler Summers (22-17), of Warsaw.

At 220 pounds, Charles Walsh (8-8) was pinned in 1:16 by John Karsten (39-8), of Blair Oaks. Next, Walsh will face Ryan Stout (16-18), of Holden.

At heavyweight, Cleven Keeling (27-8) pinned Robert Anderson (22-17), of Butler, in 3:10. Next, he will face Christian Graham (36-4), of Adrian.