Sedline for March 2-3

March 2, 2013

“Whoever replaces State Fair Community College President Marsha Drennon will have big heels to fill. Dr. Drennon has served her position well. Good luck to her in her retirement.”

“I belong to the Baptist church. I don’t appreciate all this concern about the Catholics. They have their religion, I have mine.”

“All of the downtown Sedalia merchants did a fantastic job cleaning their sidewalks off so everybody could get around and shop if they wanted to — except the Pettis County Courthouse.”

“I want to thank John Cline. He shoveled us out over on Prospect. He is a really great guy.”

“Hooray! Let’s get rid of Daylight Savings Time.”

“To the person who stole my snow shovel off of my porch, when you are done using it, would you please bring it back? I would appreciate it.”

“During this last snow storm we were without power for over 15 hours. I know it would have been much worse if not for the employees of Central Missouri Electric Co-op, who worked very hard under extremely hazardous conditions to get the power back on for us. I think they are very under-appreciated and I just wanted to say thanks, guys, we really appreciate it.”

“I would like to thank the Sedalia Police Department for all of the work they did during this snow storm. I was unable to get out of my residence and they helped me when I needed them, and I am sure they helped many other people.”

“I think the city did a terrible job of cleaning the roads. They only graded one side. And what about people who are handicapped or a widow who can’t dig herself out? I think they should have done both sides.”

“I was watching the Daytona 500 because of Danica Patrick ... she gave them a good fight ... I’m proud of her. I can’t wait to watch her again.”

“I just want to thank all those men and women who went out of their way to help people who got stuck in the snow storms. You are true angels, God bless you.”

“With all the shootings going on, why do news people have to (report) the shootings and ... let people know how to do these more ... so they have a better opportunity to kill more people. I think news people should quit (reporting) about this so ... people won’t come up with better ideas of how to shoot people and kill them.”

“Unemployment is nearly 8 percent but the minimum wage is $7.25. Let’s increase it to $9 where it costs more for somebody to enter the job market — yeah, that will increase jobs.”

“After this major snow storm, to MoDOT and to the city of Sedalia snow removal department, especially a young man named Jeremy, you have done an outstanding job. Thank you ... I hope you enjoyed the European chocolates.”

“I saw in the paper where an organization is having a fundraiser for the American Heart Association by selling doughnuts. Is that like kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous throwing a kegger to raise money?”

“My compliments and thanks to

Donny Ditzfeld for the outstanding job he did assisting Rusty Johnson and Skip Bay at the Boys & Girls Club auction. Thanks to the three of you — great job.”

“I think the city shouldn’t be plowing people’s driveways in because it makes it harder for them to shovel their way out, that’s not right. Why can’t they grade it up into a big pile somewhere or have a big truck behind them and dump it somewhere else? It’s not right.”

“What happens if a burglar breaks into your house, and you go get your high-powered pistol or rifle and you shoot he burglar and then some of the rounds go astray and hit the neighbor’s house and kill a couple of neighbors? Then what do you do?”

“Could someone please tell me where these people are living where they don’t pay any taxes? I have been seeing people calling in about the people out in the county that don’t pay taxes; I live in the county and I pay quite a bit of taxes.”

“Big snowstorm last night, yet when I woke up this morning there was my Sedalia Democrat right there on my front porch. How did you guys do that? Way to go, Sedalia Democrat, thank you so much.”