SBW to host discussion on different generations’ communication styles

March 6, 2013

Multiple generations and their personalities will be the topic of discussion during Thursday’s Sedalia Business Women meeting.

BackBone Communications President and State Fair Community College instructor Jo Perusich will speak about different generations’ communication styles and how to lead a multi-generational workplace.

“Everyone can have issues in the workplace when it comes to dealing the different generations,” said SBW Individual Growth Chair Dianne Simon. “The more you learn about traditionalist versus baby boomers versus Gen X or Gen Y, the more it helps you to communicate and work together.”

The techniques learned Thursday aren’t just for the workplace. They can be used at home too, Simon added.

“Let’s say you’re a person who likes details, to get to the point of things and get things done,” she said. “But if you have a daughter who likes to chat and doesn’t want to do homework, nagging her isn’t going to help; you’ll just butt heads all the time. Jo can talk about how to take those personality traits and turn them into a positive thing — let your daughter have her chat, then ask her to finish her homework.

“Doing simple things like asking in a different way can make a huge difference.”

Simon said it is important to offer programs that fostered individual growth, rather than just business growth, because lessons learned could be applied anywhere.

“One of our goals (as the SBW group) is to offer programs that speak to a person’s growth,” she said. “Programs like this can help you discover who you are — do you need a lot of direction or do you prefer to be left alone? Do you like a busy, bustling workplace or a more quiet place? Knowing those things can help you relate to your coworkers and employees more and create a more cohesive workplace.”

Simon said she hoped to see a big crowd Thursday as the program “could relate to a lot of people and their businesses.”

“This is a program that can really translate across the board, no matter what your business is,” she said. “I think people will find it not only an interesting talk but will also learn some new things.”


If You Go


WHAT: Sedalia Business Women meeting

WHEN: Dinner starts at 6:30 p.m., program is at 7:30 p.m. Thursday

WHERE: Best Western Gamblers Room

COST: Free, but reservations must be made by calling 287-7989