Nolen: Mom would have questioned putting armed guards in school

March 8, 2013

Listening to the news I wondered what my mother would have thought if parents decided to station armed guards in the hallways of our school. I didnít have to think long ó I know my mother would have taken us out of public schools and sent us someplace else. She would not have approved of us learning that the way to deal with gun violence was with more gun violence.

She would not have understood that a lot of people today think that way. Just as she would not have understood why law enforcement allowed people to walk around carrying assault weapons. My mother was very serious about education. She had moved her entire family single-handedly to the city so that my sister could attend high school.

Most of the people of my motherís generation were devoted to education. They understood that one needed education to succeed in life and this is what they taught their children. There has been a change in the way Americans think these days.

Parents are living in fear of their childrenís lives. They are fearful of their being on the streets or in the classroom. They feel that they are at the mercy of people and their arms. They never know at what moment some armed lunatic might burst into the classroom and shoot their children at their desks.

Many people claim that they are gathering arms to protect themselves and their families from a rogue government. According to them, the Second Amendment gives them that right. Of course, the Second Amendment has been around a long time and our government has yet to get out of control and turn on citizens. What makes these people think that this will happen in their lifetime? We have no idea.

In the meantime, guns get bigger and more dangerous. Handguns, rifles and shotguns were around for people to hunt and protect themselves against vicious animals. When assault weapons became available, no laws were passed to keep them out of the hands of everyday citizens. That was a big mistake. Of course, most people would have no need for that kind of weapon and would never purchase one. However, some people feel that they need the most dangerous weapon available to protect themselves.

People who purchase guns from licensed dealers are required to have a background check before they receive their guns. People purchasing guns from gun shows or from other people are not required to have a background check. This means that felons can pick up a gun at will. There are thousands of guns throughout the country.

Police chiefs, mayors, everyday citizens and all kinds of people are requesting stronger laws for gun control. And most of us would be delighted to see a ban placed on assault weapons. But, if it were not for the fact that innocent people are often being caught up in gun violence, most people would be indifferent to gun ownership.


Iíve almost forgotten what the ground looks like under the snow. I hope it will all have melted by the time spring gets here.

The drought has not been good for farmers. I certainly hope this thick, heavy snow will be good for them. As we get less and less snow and rain during the winters, we tend to forget about our food supply. But when those prices start to rise at the grocery store, weíll remember fast enough.

Spring is just around the corner.