Goo for you

March 22, 2013

Skyline Elementary School third-grader Kendyl McCandless holds a cup above the head of Skyline principal Kelly McFatrich, giving it a few shakes to make sure that every bit of green slime drains onto the principal's head. Kendlyl was among 17 students in Trish Ferolito's class who each won the heady opportunity Friday to spill a  mixture of cornstarch, water and food coloring on the person who runs the school. It was a reward for being the class which raised the most money for a Scholastic Book Fair charity that helps disadvantaged schools said Brenda Simpson, event organizer and chairperson for the school's Book Fair. In the one-week contest the class raised $166.74. The entire school raised $381.91, Simpson said.

  1. Glop and Goo, thank-you

  2. Glop and Goo, thank-you

  3. Glop and Goo, thank-you