March 30-31 Sedline

March 30, 2013

“I just wanted to urge everyone to go to the polls and vote ‘yes’ on the bond issue for the repairs on the Sedalia Public Library.”

“Everybody in this country lives in a dream world. Families argue and bicker, neighbors don’t visit, TV soap operas are an addiction. Our churches are nothing more than entertainment centers, forsaking the gospel. Our government has broken America.”

“I see the coffee cup man is back. He ... goes to State Fair college and walks in the morning and throws his coffee cup in the parking lot.”

“I don’t understand the way the system works. In the Watergate situation, no one was killed but people went to prison. In Benghazi, Americans were killed and no one took responsibility. Evidently someone was asleep or at a party. Just sweep it under the rug and it will go away.”

“Charles Dickens’ character Ebenezer Scrooge was a rich miser who had contempt for the poor and the working class. He would totally be against food stamps, Social Security and Medicare. In short, Scrooge would probably be a Republican.”

“I say God bless Dr. Ben Carson. If we had more people like him, it would be a much better place to live.”

“The Obama administration cuts funding here in the United States, but moves $500 million in aid to the Palestinians. Change you can believe in.”

“Many people think others owe them, from the government down to our local churches and food banks.”

“What is the problem with the sidewalks at the Pettis County Courthouse not being cleaned after a snow storm? It’s ridiculous, you have to walk in snow up to your ankles. Don’t we have enough county employees to clean these things off, or do we need to hire some more people?”

“I just left W-K Chevrolet’s service department ... there was a little boy there, he was in preschool, I think his name was James, and he bought me a water. I just wanted to say thank you, that was so sweet of you to do that.”

“Thank you to Reed & Sons for their ‘rebel with a cause’ ad that was in the paper this week. That was fantastic.”

“I was speaking on that fair (concert lineup) and I know something that would kick it right up — bring in Kid Rock and Hank Jr.”

“What is it with all of these people who don’t use their turn signals ... or have their headlights on in a white-out snow storm? Why don’t the Sedalia police pull some people over and generate some business for the city?”

“I really don’t want Tyson using the city water. I just don’t think it’s right.”

“Shame on AT&T’s new phone book. You can’t hardly read the tiny, tiny writing. It is tiny, tiny, tinier than it was last year.”

“I live on South Brown, south of 16th Street, and I want to thank the city street department for hauling off all the brush that I had ... I think the guys did a great job.”

“A lot of people don’t understand people. They better start understanding.”

“I just want to wish Bob the best of luck on his new job and hope he’ll do as good a job with it as he did with the Democrat.”

“Maybe with a new editor, the Sedalia Democrat will stop being a school


“I said it once before, the best newspaper, the best editor Sedalia ever had was Bob Satnan, and that is a fact.”

“A lot of us sit around and debate what color God is, black, white or brown. Has anybody ever thought he might be Asian, he might be Russian, what about German? We Americans always think that he’s got to be American, but hey, maybe not. Think about it.”