Police to conduct special patrols

April 4, 2013

Starting today, officers with the Sedalia Police Department will knock on doors in concentrated areas of town as part of a neighborhood patrol effort.

“We try to conduct these patrols at least once a year because they’ve been shown to have a positive effect on high crime areas,” said SPD Chief John DeGonia.

Seven patrol officers, STING Unit detectives and some command staff will patrol neighborhoods from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. today and Friday, looking for narcotics, guns or outstanding warrant violations.

“Looking for violations and making arrests is only really half of what the neighborhood patrol is about; the other, more important half is getting to know the residents,” DeGonia said. “To build a trust with them they need to be able to put names with faces. It’s a way for us to be more proactive on crime. If residents know us and trust us, they’ll be more likely to call in something suspicious.”

For more information about the neighborhood patrol, call 826-8100.