Letter: Know rules about school buses

April 10, 2013

There needs to be awareness made about school buses. When you pull up behind a school bus that has red lights flashing, that is a sign that you are to stop until the lights are off. If you go past a bus while these lights are flashing, you are putting the lives of the children that are being loaded in danger and you are breaking a law.

There was such an incident March 21 on state Highway 52, four miles east of Windsor. I have three children who ride the bus to school, and they have to cross the highway to get on the bus.

There were two vehicles that came up behind the bus. The driver always waits for the vehicles to come to a complete stop before she waves for the children to cross the road. The vehicles stopped, the kids crossed over and loaded the bus. The driver waits for them to sit down before closing the door and putting the bus in motion.

The lights were still flashing red and the first vehicle could not wait a few more seconds for the driver to turn the lights off. This vehicle passed the bus while the lights were still flashing red. The driver said this same vehicle passed the bus again the next day at a different location on the same highway.

I just ask, as a parent, that drivers obey the laws and take just a few seconds to allow the children to be seated safely on the bus.

Sunni Johnson

Insurance, Windsor