Americans’ response to attacks speak loud

April 20, 2013

Monday’s terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon is a stark reminder that we must remain ever vigilant to ensure the safety of our communities and preserve a way of life that remains the envy of the world.

With one suspect dead and another just captured, we hope that this incident finds quick resolution and that those responsible are held to account for their crimes.

Though the motivations for this latest attack remain unclear, we share the sense of most Americans that violence as a means of achieving political ends remains a vulgar avenue for people whose ideas and beliefs are too weak to stand on their own.

While the images of death and destruction from Boston now join the sadly iconic moments of our collective memories already populated by national tragedies like 9-11 or the Oklahoma City bombing, they also join the moments of heroism, both great and small, that define who we are as a people.

We take this opportunity to celebrate the bravery of our military personnel and first responders, both locally and nationally, who unflinchingly put their lives in harms way on a daily basis to provide security, safety and healing to their fellow Americans.

However, we also pause to celebrate the individual citizens who so often react, as if by instinct, to such events by running to, rather than away from, tragedy to lend a hand to their threatened or injured countrymen.

In Boston, like 9-11 and Oklahoma before it, ordinary citizens answered the call of the historic moment by offering aid and comfort to those in need.

Though we remain a nation starkly divided by entrenched political, religious and philosophical beliefs, we believe such moments should serve as a reminder that, though divided, we remain true to our nation’s founding motto: E pluribus unum — Out of many, one.

Whether recalling the passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 who willingly sacrificed their own lives by rushing the cockpit of the hijacked aircraft or the scene on Monday as first responders, runners and bystanders rushed into the tumult of a bombing to help those injured by the blast, we believe such moments should act as both an inspiration and a reminder that what unites us is greater than that which divides us and that an attack on one will always be greeted as an attack on all.