Tips For Sending Flowers This Mother’s Day

April 22, 2013

(StatePoint) Sending flowers this Mother’s Day? While ordering online, you could just send flowers from any floral website, but armed with a little insight and some easy-to-follow tips, you’ll make a lasting impression with Mom.

Mother’s Day is the biggest holiday for flower deliveries nationwide, as Americans spend a whopping $1.9 billion each year, according to the National Retail Federation. How do you make sure your flowers are a cut above the rest?

“Flowers, like any other present, make a bold statement. If it’s the thought that counts, then choose thoughtfully,” says Farbod Shoraka, CEO of, the online floral marketplace that connects local florists around the country with savvy consumers.

When it comes to ordering your Mother’s Day flowers, here are some key tips:

• Think pink: Instead of traditional roses, consider pink peonies, which are both in-season and on-trend now. Very fragrant, peonies’ have a long-lasting full-bloom, so Mom will be thinking of you for a long time. They can also come in bold fuchsia. Are ultra-feminine colors not Mom’s thing? Don’t worry -- there are plenty of other shades perfect for springtime, such as emerald, grayed jade and poppy red.

“Color can have a very powerful effect on the mood and atmosphere of an entire room. Get inspired by your mother’s style and personality and choose something that suits her and her home,” advises Shoraka.

• Go local: Avoid websites that post generic stock photos instead of accurate pictures of what you’re really ordering. These sites are generally floral brokers that take a large commission from the florist while charging expensive service fees to consumers. The result can be lower quality and higher prices for products with an impersonal feel. Instead, opt for a local florist.

• Seek quality: The difference between a top local florist and a run-of-the-mill amateur can be enormous. Look for online reviews, Facebook fans and even a well-maintained Pinterest page as clues that you are dealing with a florist who can turn flowers into art!

When shopping online, consider checking out a site like, which features top floral artisans from across the country, showcasing real images of their actual work. All the designs on the website are uploaded by the individual local florists, so what you see is what Mom gets.

An online floral marketplace like this offers the personal shopping experience of walking into a real flower shop from the comfort of your own home. You can rest assure you will be sending Mom something great.  

• Make it easy: Some websites ship flowers in a box. Don’t make flower delivery a hassle for Mom. Ensure that the flowers are already designed and will be hand delivered, so she doesn’t have any extra work to do on her special day.

• Think elegance: For something truly memorable, try Cymbidium orchids, which are elegant, colorful and extremely long-lasting.

With a unique and special floral arrangement, you can use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to show Mom how much you really love her.