Letter: What's next with the Cleanup Sedalia movement?

May 1, 2013

I understand the big cleanup movement in Sedalia and I am all for it., but what I donít understand is the fact that they are telling my landlord that I cannot have a portable basketball goal in my front yard. Itís not on the sidewalk, mind you, but it is in the yard for my grandkids.

Isnít this America? I canít put the goal in my back yard due to the dog. We bought them a swing set and would like to put it up, but do I need a permit? My grandkids are 3 and younger. I get it if thereís trash and junk in the yard, but to tell me what toys I can have and where ó that is wrong. Have I been misinformed? Is this wrong? Is the cleanup crew not kid friendly? Whatís next? Will the color you can paint your house have to be approved?

Belinda Manion