Letter: Smoking OK in some places

May 13, 2013

I, like everyone else, love to read Sedline (knowing comments are not signed), where the writers have come up with the idea that I will support smoking in certain public places. Yes, I do support leaving the private clubs and the bars that do 70 percent of their gross sales with liquor by the drink sales. Restrictions, with teeth (if I have my way), will be in place to monitor the bars. All others, including bingo at the VFW and Moose Lodge will come under the smoking ordinance. Yes, I would like to see the final draft placed on the ballot for a public vote at the next general election. I donít think I have enough support with the council to get this done. Ever felt like the new kid on the block? Thatíd be me.

Larry Stevenson

Ward 4 City Councilman