Letter: Is this a number to be proud of?

May 15, 2013

Is this a number to be proud of?

In reference to Tina Dupuy’s article on May 7 on numbers. OK Tina, you’re throwing around a lot of numbers of casualties pertaining to gun violence in different areas of our society.

“The only upside is if you’re a weapons profiteer.” OK, Tina, what is the upside to the Planned Parenthood that provided 333,946 abortions last year? I say again, 333,946 abortions last year, mostly black women. From an organization with $542 million in taxpayer’s funds and a blessing from our president. Tina dear, is that a number to be proud of?

P.S.: Soldiers are grown men. They have (made) a choice, babies don’t.

H.R. Yeager