Ways to Keep the Family Entertained During Summer Road Trips

May 16, 2013

(StatePoint) With summer travel season upon us, families across the country are taking to the open road for family road trips. But while the destination always leads to excitement, oftentimes the long car ride can be a drag.

Instead of listening to hours of ďAre we there yet?Ē from the kids, there are ways to keep them -- and parents -- entertained while on the highway.

Try using these four tips to add some fun to long summer vacation car rides:


One way to combat boredom in travel-weary children is to pack surprises for the kids. Just as you notice childrenís restlessness reaching peak levels, break out a surprise to assuage their monotony.

The surprises donít have to be big -- maybe a new book, a favorite snack or a small toy -- but it will do the trick of keeping them occupied.

Classic Travel Games

No long car ride with the family is complete without playing a few classic travel games. Games like I Spy, Name That Tune and the License Plate Game will help pass the time and keep children and you engaged during the trip.† Car games are also a great way for the family to bond during the journey!


Sometimes the best way to stay entertained in the car is to bring along some comforts of home. Watching movies and TV shows on tablets are increasingly popular options for travel entertainment, but sometimes there isnít Internet connection or enough storage on your device.

However, new technology now can let you pack all those favorite family movies and music for the ride and the hotel. For example, the HP Pocket Playlist can store 32 GB of content that you can stream to your smartphone, Slate 7 or any other Android or iOS device. You can stream video to three devices at once, or audio to five. So Mom can watch her reality show, grandma can listen to music, and the kids can watch cartoons all at the same time. For more information on technology thatís great for summer travel, visit

Easy Listening

Sometimes the perfect playlist can make a long drive fly by with a sing-along. Prepare a playlist the whole family will enjoy by letting each person in the car select a few favorite songs. Audio books are another great way to pass the time; everyone can get immersed in the story together and then discuss it when itís done.

Long car trips donít have to be a bore. With some easy tips and tricks, the journey can be just as fun as the destination.