June 7 Sedline

June 7, 2013

“The people in Sedalia who make $50,000 and up each year must understand that those who only make $24,000 at a factory job can not afford a $9 breakfast.”

“Congress can’t figure out how to protect Social Security and Medicare. I know how and so do you. Congress must give back all the money they so-called ‘borrowed’ from both of these programs.”

“I am elderly. There is always a first isn’t there? I had to wear a winter nightgown in June.”

“Did you know the last 2012 tax year there were 1,616,053 tax-exempt identities? Why isn’t Congress making these tax cheats pay their fair share? No wonder we are about bankrupt in this country.”

“Concerning the smoking ban: Why would we wait until next year to vote on it instead of having our City Council do it now? Quit wasting time and do your jobs. We all have to.”

“In regard to the smoking ban for Sedalia: If the people can’t take an hour break away from the cigarettes, I think there must be something wrong with them. Who wants to smell the smoke while they are eating? They can take an hour or two off. It’s no big deal.”