Smoking-ban vote set for Monday's council meeting

June 17, 2013

The fight over a proposed smoking ban will come to a head on Monday night as the Sedalia City Council votes to approve an ordinance that will prohibit smoking in public areas, including bars and restaurants.

Council fist discussed a possible ordinance in early April when the Clean Air Committee made a presentation about the need for a smoking ban. Since then, there has been a change of leadership with new Ward 4 Councilman Larry Stevenson taking over Ken Norton’s seat and a battle between the council members. In meetings and work sessions discussing the ordinance, council couldn’t agree on whether to ban smoking in three key areas — bars, private clubs and restaurants — or if the ordinance should be put to a public vote.

Today the council will vote on the current draft of the ordinance, which bans smoking in nearly all public places with the exception of private clubs unless a public event, such as bingo, is being held. This is a compromise from the across-the-board ban that Ward 1 Councilmembers Steve Galliher and Jo Lynn Turley and Ward 4 Councilman Tollie Rowe preferred, and the bars-are-excluded option that Ward 2 Council members Becca La Strada and Wanda Monsees, Ward 3 Councilmembers Bob Cross and Wiley Walter and Ward 4 Councilman Larry Stevenson wanted.

During the meeting council will also vote to:

• Approve the purchase of modified aggregate quick set street treatment from Donelson Construction; $236,363.04.

• Approve a bid to APAC-Missouri for mill and overlay work on various city streets; $184,900.

• Approve a bid to Braik Brothers Tree Care for yard waste grinding; $37,604.

• Approve a bid to Duke’s Root Control Inc. for root control issues near sewer lines; $15,678.

• Approve the purchase of mobile radio upgrades for the Sedalia Police Department which will provide communications between local, state and federal agencies; $25,200 paid through a Missouri Communications Assistance Program grant.

• Approve an ordinance repealing 15-minute parking restrictions in front of 122 S. Ohio Ave. and the corner of East Second Street and South Ohio Avenue.

• Approve a resolution allowing the SPD to apply for a U.S. Bureau of Justice grant.

• Approve an ordinance dealing with public utility and road easements for Mernards Plaza Plat 2.

The Sedalia City Council pre-meeting will start at 6 p.m. in the mayor’s conference room with the regular meeting immediately following at 7 p.m. in council chambers at the Municipal Building, 200 S. Osage Ave. For more information call 827-3000.



• Public buildings  

• Restaurants

• Bars where the serving of food is incidental

• Licensed child care and adult day care facilities

• Within 20 feet of entrances to public buildings

• All city parks and playgrounds


• Private homes and vehicles

• Designated hotel and motel rooms

• Private or semi-private rooms in nursing homes

• Private clubs, except when a public event such as Bingo is being held

• Retail tobacco stores

• Restaurant patio areas

For a complete list of where smoking would be prohibited if the act passes, go to