Sedline for June 22-23

June 22, 2013

“Does anybody want to make a personal bet that the school board will be asking for a bond issue in a year? That stadium sits empty most of the time. Next thing you know they will be complaining they are out of money.”

“I get tired of parents complaining about bikes being stolen. Maybe you should be teaching your child to put his bike up. A child is never too young to learn responsibility.”

“A new football stadium and track would be a wonderful thing. How about finding the money to finish the freshmen wing so grades 9 through 12 can be in the same building?”

“The first installment of the ‘Meth at the Crossroads’ series proves how fortunate we are to have the professionals we have at the Democrat.”

“I would like to know why the Liberty Park concerts on Thursday at 7:30 have to be inside Convention Hall. Why aren’t they outside where everyone can listen to them? I wish they would put them back outside and only put them inside only when it is raining.”

“I have always enjoyed shopping at Target and Super Target, but it is now 10:45 at night and I just saw a Target ad all in Spanish. I don’t know about you, but I live in America and I speak English, so I will only be shopping at stores that advertise in English.”  

“Our past county commissioners have left a lasting mark on Pettis County. They wasted millions on storm shelters you can’t use, built a jail twice the size that we will ever need, and lastly, they destroyed a unique museum in the courthouse to make room for private offices. I guess they never heard of a courthouse annex. The old post office comes to mind.”

“I am new to this town of Sedalia. I am appalled when I drive around town to see the abandoned homes with piles of furniture outside and grass 6 feet high. Does Sedalia not have any city pride? It is not a good impression for a new resident to the area.”

“I was calling about Old Glory down at the post office. That flag needs to be replaced.”


“Galliher, Rowe, Turley, Walter, La Strada and, surprisingly, Stevenson. Thank you. Monsees and Cross — you will be remembered for attempting to trash our community’s health.”