Letter: What’s happened to America?

July 4, 2013

I was very proud to be an American. I served in the military to protect our liberties and country. What in the world happened?

We have a leader that supports gay marriage, unlimited abortions and won’t secure our borders. An attorney general that lies to Congress and won’t enforce all the laws. An NSA leader that lied to Congress under oath.

Now they tell me that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups for the past three years. My phone records and emails are being collected by the NSA and stored for five years. I learned that drones are being used to spy on Americans.

We need to have a government that respects our liberties, that tells us the truth — the whole truth, that allows prayers in school and thinks the Ten Commandments are a good thing and doesn’t spend more than they take in.

Ivan Johnson

Retired Air Force