July 8 Sedline

July 8, 2013

“Leroy VanDyke spoke to the Shrine club the other night and told us for the first time in 30-some years he wasn’t invited back to the fair. What a shame. First we lose the Saddlehorse show, then Leroy, auto racing ... what is happening out there? Maybe it is time for the governor to appoint some commissioners that know something about the fair rather than a bunch of political hacks.”

“The person who called in remarking about our so-called great president: This great president is backing a rebel group in Syria who just beheaded a Catholic priest. God help us during the next three years.”

“I would like to say God bless Starr Parker, and I know he will. As for Tina Dupuy and Nancy Pelosi, God gave us the Bible as a road map to Heaven, and he is still in charge.”