Nolen: Where are we going?

July 26, 2013

Things have been pretty rough for a lot of people over the past few years. Some people, who lost their jobs several years ago, still have not found any new employment. Many people have lost their homes to foreclosure. Many have simply tumbled over the brink and have been force to live in reduced circumstance for a long time.

And as things are in America today, some are making more money than they ever have. Things have been out of focus for so long, that it will take a long time before the quality of life gets back to where it was during Bill Clintonís presidential administration.

Politics, for one thing, has hit an all-time low. The political parties are in disagreement about everything. It is unfortunate that politicians donít realize when they are well off. We need to be working on our problems every day until we get them solved. Our infrastructure is, in some areas, falling apart while we do nothing to rescue it.

In the meantime, we need to get to work in a serious way with our social problems. We have lived so long with drug problems that we have accepted them as a way of life. We are for the most part, educated people. Yet right in front of our eyes, we are allowing thousands of young people to fall through the cracks from drug abuse. We canít let this go on. Itís not getting any better, itís getting worse.

Our schools are falling apart. Our children are loosing ground. What percentage of students are graduating compared to the percentage who are dropping out of school? Remember years ago when we used to have truant officers who kept track of kids who were missing from school? At one time, we made an effort to keep kids in school. Does anybody even make an effort any more?

When parents are trying to keep food on the table, is there anybody in charge of the kids? Do we have any social agencies of any kind to see that the kids are being taken care of? Is there anyone responsible for seeing that families are being taken care of?

We are supposed to be a civilized society but in so many ways we donít act like one. Are we as concerned about being responsible as we are about being free?

As citizens ó all of us ó we need to look at ourselves and ask, ĎWhere weíre going?í We need to examine our agencies and institutions and determine whether or not they are serving us in the way we need them to. Time is rapidly passing and we need to get ahead of our game.

Wake up folks and smell the smoke!