Dec. 7-8 Sedline

December 6, 2013

“What did you do Jacob? Did you try to go to a party you were not invited to?”

“Why you never did put anything in Sedline about the crossing guard talking on her cell phone while directing kids across the street. That’s no place to be talking on a cell phone when you’re watching kids.”

“I’ve got information about someone. Somebody put something in their food and they’re not really dead.”

“I didn’t want her husband to get mad at me.”

“I’d be ashamed of myself too if I was an infidel.”

“Last week the Sedalia movie theater had matinees and the parking lot was full. I think our community would love to have the theater open during the weekdays, maybe two or three days a week, that would really be nice for our community.”

“Mandela is a world hero and should be studied in all schools immediately.”

“I like what I read by Rose Nolen in the Democrat on Friday, I hope it isn’t just wishful thinking. We need feasible insurance that can be had by all. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.”