Remembering the Sedalia of yesteryear

By Rose Nolen Democrat Columnist

December 11, 2013

I remember Sedalia, when:

During the holidays, all the downtown stores would be decorated with glitter. Pedestrians would be hurrying from doorway to doorway, with shopping bags bursting with gifts ready to be wrapped. Windows would display lighted trees with limbs burdened with angels. And we would witness carolers singing with glee while candles glowed in the moonlight.

That was Christmas yesteryear. A wonderful time to reap the blessing of living in a small town where neighbors were neighbors, and children could take all the time they need to grow up. Driving out to the countryside to claim the Christmas tree is a favorite memory. Then driving home to pull all the decorations into the middle of the floor to dive in, was worth waiting for.

And I remember too, the sidewalk sales when our parents tied our money into a knot at the end of our handkerchiefs when it was time to do our shopping. We would spend all afternoon, shopping until we found that special gift for our mother’s package. And when Christmas Eve finally arrived we would hurry to sleep in the hope we could wake up in the middle of the night and peek — but, unfortunately we never did.

I remember Sedalia, when:

We had a few decent jobs and there were factories where you could work until you found the kind of job you wanted. And I remember when the city hired a person to look for jobs and businesses where we could work. And he did his job and he did it well.

And a few years ago, we found ourselves in the middle of another depression. Many businesses had moved away and many people had lost their jobs. And, unfortunately, we were on our own trying to find a way out.

I remember Sedalia, when:

We had forward thinking individuals who were in city government and were looking out for the town. They worked hard to keep the wheels of downtown Sedalia rolling. I mean people who always had a plan. They wanted to fill the buildings up and bring more businesses in. They weren’t willing to see downtown shut the doors and go away.

I’m glad I can still remember when Sedalia was alive. I know there are still people here who are willing to work at improving things. All they need is a person with a plan.

And I remember Sedalia when you could always find one of those.