Lady Eagle takes flight

By Eric Ingles Democrat Sports Reporter

December 25, 2013

OTTERVILLE — Last season the Otterville Lady Eagles had the scoring of senior center Hannah Stone, who averaged 18 points per game, and the senior leadership of Paige Fry, Whitney Watring, Brittany Castle and Gabby Cade.

Last season the Otterville Lady Eagles had junior forward Lisa Robertson coming off the bench, often not in the scoring mix but contributing.

“It was the same five girls since we were little,” Robertson said. “They were always the starters and I was always off the bench. That’s just how it was.”

With those players from the Class of ‘13 gone, Robertson has stepped off the bench and stepped forward as Otterville’s leader, both in scoring and on defense.

“These coaches really worked with me,” she said. “They break down everything I need to work on and then I’ll stay after school and work on it.”

In two games against Green Ridge this month she scored 32 and 36 points, setting a career-high against the Lady Tigers in their first meeting and surpassing it in the second. Between those two games she added 24 against Prairie Home.

Many of those points come from getting to the rim.

“I like to drive,” she said. “I do a weird scissor kick whenever I shoot outside, so I like to drive.”

In the second meeting with Green Ridge, those drives accounted for nearly all of her points as she hit 13 baskets in the paint and on many other drives drew fouls which gave her 10 more points from the free throw line and made Green Ridge go to its bench more due to foul trouble.

“You can’t let her drive around you every time that she touches the ball,” said Green Ridge coach Jason Cannon after facing Robertson and the Lady Eagles for the second time. “She’s a talented player in that she can attack the basket well.”

She also made her presence felt on defense, collecting 10 steals and deflecting several other passes either to teammates or out of bounds.

“We teach our girls to jump to the ball when they pass it and she did an amazing job,” said first-year Otterville coach Elizabeth Bennett.

Robertson sees challenging those passes as a chance to not only give Otterville transition baskets but also speed up the game.

“I kind of go spazzy on defense because I get an adrenaline rush,” she said. “I try to anticipate it. I’m one of the people that like to get the game out and moving and make sure we’re keeping the game moving at a fast pace so it’s not only fun for us, it’s fun for the crowd. I just get into it more when we rush it.”

For Robertson, the leadership is not just happening on the court. She is one of two seniors on the team who return from the 2012-13 roster, the other is Stephanie Oswald, so she knows the younger players not look up to her.

“I like being able to step up and be a leader and making sure the girls know if they have a problem they can come talk to me,” she said. “The coaches make it where they can talk to them. If there’s any drama on the court, I like to make it where it gets figured out and be Switzerland. I really enjoy being captain and everything. It’s really fun.”