Jan. 4, 2014 Sedline

January 2, 2014

“Why do people at businesses take their Christmas tree and decorations down the day after Christmas? The tree and outside decorations are to be enjoyed through the holidays, which includes New Years Day.”

“I knew the Republican Party would be back at it. They want an income tax cut for businesses and then on top of that ‘phase in a new tax deduction for business incomes.’ That is a double cut for our Republican big business friends. Why don’t you boys just cut Social Security and Medicare while you are at it? The rich get rich and the poor get poor, thanks to their political friends.”

“I have a small ceramic statue of Jesus on his knees with his shepherd’s staff and his hand is over his heart. He is frowning and no matter what angle I look at him from his eyes are looking at me. I keep it where I can see it every day. I don’t know what company made it. It is hollow at the bottom and his clothes are painted brown and gray. I treasure this.”

“I hope my new newspaper girl and the college student who put my groceries in my car figured out I couldn’t afford to tip them. 2013 was not a good year for me.”

“I am very disappointed in the New Years Day parade. Seems like there was more effort talking about it than there was putting it on. Who do I see about getting my money back after going to see that?”

“Everybody smoke pot!”

“I have a fiancé in the Pettis County Jail. When people put money on the books (for inmates) … they take $3 right off the top. That is not fair. Why can’t they buy stuff from Dollar tree and put that stuff in a room and let them buy that stuff instead of charging $8-$10 for coffee or $5 for a little cup of soup. That is highway robbery and it is not right.”

“They need to build a building around here for a dentist for people on Medicaid because people don’t have the cash to go and have their teeth fixed. They need something here so Medicaid will pay for a dentist.”

“The reason North Dakota had a population increase was because of the discovery of oil wells.”

“I just want to say thank you to Mike Ross, my neighbor. I can’t believe he got out and shoveled my walks in this cold, cold weather. He even got the snow off the porch so the mailman could get to the mailbox. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“A dozen jumbo eggs is a better buy than a box of expensive cereal and they go further.”

“Somebody told me you aren’t going to stop me from smoking marijuana and drinking beer. That’s right. I’m not. God is.”

“ How wonderful that we got to have our parade after all. It was a cold day but I think it was great to see everyone out. Thank you, Terry. Good job.”

“I guess people on minimum wage and CEOs are the only ones to still get raises in Missouri. Nice knowing ya, middle class.”

“So no one is going to file for school board? So no election? Again? I’m going to remember this when people start complaining about the stadium or Common Core or whatever they complain about next. If you can’t even be bothered to step up and serve then your complaints don’t mean much.”

“The library looks great. We are so happy to be back in that beautiful building.”

“Colorado has legalized pot. Missouri should be next. It makes no sense to keep that many people in jail and not working and having to be criminals when there are rapists and murderers out there. Wise up.”

“I will kind of miss watching the politicians line up to stand out in the cold. It’s like the only time they really have to live like the rest of us.”

“Our daughter is finally able to get insurance for the first time in 22 years and our family won’t go bankrupt paying for her treatments and medications. Say what you want - that is change I can believe in.”