Police say to watch for man seen around schools

By Greg Olson

January 25, 2014

Police are continuing the warning about a man driving around Jacksonville elementary schools trying to pick up young girls by offering them rides in his limousine.

Jacksonville police described the driver as a 60-year-old white man about 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 265 pounds. He has been driving a dark blue or black 1992 Lincoln limousine with Missouri tags.

The car is slightly lifted in the rear, has peeling paint and is missing trim.

Police said the man has been seen driving around Jacksonville grade schools before the start and after the dismissal of classes.

A statement was issued by police Tuesday to clarify that there is no evidence that this incident has even occurred. The department has so far received only one anonymous report and no parent has come forward to verify it.

Jacksonville police spoke with a man fitting that description and driving a similar vehicle last summer. In those incidents and in the most recent reported incident, at no time did any children enter the vehicle and the diver made no attempt to lure or threaten children to enter.

“It is without question extremely inappropriate behavior, but at this point, it has not crossed the threshold of being illegal,” police stated.

At this point police are actively investigating these complaints and encourage anyone with verifiable information pertaining to these alleged incidents or any new incidents to come forward speak to officers.

If the car is seen driving around any of the schools, Jacksonville police ask that they be notified at 217-479-4630.

Jacksonville police remind parents to speak with their children about never entering a vehicle driven by a person they do not know.

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