Feb. 8 Sedline

February 7, 2014

“Do you think it’s right for police officers, city staff and the clean committee to gossip? I don’t.”

“I read where the city is planning for the future and they listed transportation. I think they ought to get on that right away. In the early ’40s they used to have transportation and they came all the way out to Third and Park.”

“Congratulations to Dr. Mark Register for receiving the Teacher of the Year award and the Alumnus of the Year award too. God bless you.”

“If you want to see the difference in how the state highway department does its job, drive down Y Highway west of 127. See how good Johnson County is compared to Pettis County. Someone should lose their job in Pettis County.”

“I don’t know about the rest of the taxpayers around this town but I know that I paid my taxes and I see the city has done nothing to the streets this weekend. The ice is on every street, the schools will be cancelled on Monday because of it and the churches are all cancelled. It’s just not right, I paid my taxes for the city, the mayor, and the superintendent to not do anything about the town.”

“Sorry you Denver Broncos fans. This is really how you guys play. Ha ha ha.”

“Thank you Sedalia City Council. My husband and I enjoy going out to eat in restaurants here in Sedalia. We enjoy talking and visiting with our friends and it is so nice to be able to do this without someone smoking next to us.”

“After watching TV news I am concerned about all the athletes at the Olympics. We pray they all get home safely. Go USA!”

“In 2013 nearly twice as much propane was shipped overseas as in 2012. Why? Money, of course. Now our citizens have short supplies to heat homes and are paying up to $5 a gallon. We can thank big businesses for putting profit ahead while slowly ruining our country.”

“After reading today’s Sedline — these people complaining about the fire station and the police getting two new cars. These people would also be the same ones who would complain if the fire or police department weren’t there when they needed them. People need to realize these people need the equipment to do the job with.”

“So Obamacare has made it possible that people like me who had a transplant two years ago and have been fighting poor health ever since don’t have to keep working full time to hang on to our insurance. But once Republicans get a hold of that they act like I’m a deadbeat and the law is killing jobs. Working is killing me slowly, so I might live a few years longer and maybe somebody that needs a job can have mine. Some people will just never be satisfied.”

“I recently read the article about the Pettis County Community Partnership getting a grant for the homeless. That’s wonderful and I believe in people who truly need, in order to get on their feet, need help and may need some sustained help after they get on their feet. But it should be lowered as it goes.”

“A great big thank you to Wendy’s employees for finding my purse. I didn’t realize I had left it. It’s good to know there are still some decent people around.

“First people were hoping they can keep their doctors like Obama promised. Now they are hoping they won’t lose the 2.1 million jobs Obamacare will cost the public. Change you can believe in.”

“How come we don’t have an American Indian Month like we have Black History Month? I think it would be really cool and interesting for all of us.”

“Since no one can get a city bus because of the weather, someone should check on people in senior housing to make sure they have something to eat. A lot of people out here are hungry and could use something to eat.”

“I am so glad we still have Camp Sacajawea and that it is protected for the next three years. I hope everyone will continue to support the Girl Scouts.”

“It’s funny how the news media can make or break a person like they did with Peyton Manning. They made him out to be a superstar quarterback for the Broncos. Now you read nothing. Peyton Manning learned one thing: don’t underestimate your opponent.”

“It seems as though the mayor and city council are more worried about the cosmetic appearance of the town and not the important issues. Wanting to build an arch on the entrance to Ohio and now putting up city limit signs at a cost of $46,000 and $2,000 for upkeep. What a waste of money. Remember this on election day in April.”

“I was listening to the scanner and the city was out cleaning the airport runways, but hadn’t been on the side streets in town. Does the airport vote or do the people living on the side streets vote.”

“I feel sorry for Vice President Joe Biden since Democrats seem to have their candidate already picked out for 2016 and it isn’t him. Sorry, Joe.”

“Why on the east side of town is Garfield Street done way before anyone else?”

“One pass down the middle of the residential areas is not considered pushing curb to curb. Why can’t the city take care of the residential areas.”

“The abortion rate in 2013 is the lowest it has been since 1973 when abortion became legal, thanks to better family parenting and much improved access to birth control pills. And yet, bitter old men complain the pill is an option on health insurance policies. They scream about child abuse, child sex trafficking, abortion, child abandonment, etc., but refuse to have the pill included in insurance policies.”

“I would like to thank Inter-State Studios for the historic print we were able to download this week. I wish more places could do that. Thanks again, Inter-State Studio.”