Friendly Tavern not so friendly

February 14, 2014

Once again the good name of the VFW is bandied around in today’s newspaper as if the VFW is simply a bar on the corner of Second Street and Ohio Avenue. This isn’t the first time that this has happened. I would like to remind Mr. Mizansky and others that the VFW stands for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and we are not his competition but we are also not a community punching bag. The Post and membership participates in a wide variety of activities such as loaning medical equipment to community members, providing a dignified presence to honor veterans at the end of life. The VFW also maintains a canteen that has been a place fro comradeship for veteran members, their families and invited guests and has done so since, well, probably before Mr. Mizansky was born. Mr. Miznasky’s comparing the VFW to his Friendly Tavern is like comparing apples to oranges.

His claim that he is losing business because they are leaving his bar to go to the VFW “Because we can smoke there” is only a claim but not a fact. As an officer and post member I haven’t seen an increase of folks coming into the VFW, nor have other members or employees. His beef isn’t with the VFW but with the city council that passed this ordinance. Or maybe with a fellow bar owner who supported the ban so the owner’s bar, which is outside the city limits, would benefit. Now how cynical is that?

For the last year or so the Veterans of Foreign Wars have been the focus of intended harm by individuals that have an axe to grind for one reason or another. Folks that participate in this kind if conduct whether directly or indirectly, such as disparaging comments in Sedline, should be ashamed of their selves but they won’t because these kind of folks are generally too self absorbed. I would like to remind Mr. Mizansky and others what each of our members knows: “It isn’t the price that you pay for membership . It is the price that have paid for eligibility.” Mr. Mizansky I hope that you think about that statement before you bring the Veterans of Foreign Wars into your beef with the city council. If it continues, maybe veterans on their own accord will decide the Friendly Tavern is not so friendly to veterans.

Gary Gill

Member VFW Post 2591