Sterling scandal sparks important discussion

May 6, 2014

Dear Editor:

The racist remarks by Don Sterling, owner of the professional basketball team the Clippers, were certainly offensive and mean-spirited. However, they may have done a great deal of good in once more bringing out the unresolved racism in America. As a strong believer in “if you name it, you can tame it” the more we talk about this issue — the quicker it will disappear.

You see, Mr. Sterling didn’t object to his girlfriend spending time with Blacks. What Mr. Sterling objected to was when she was seen in public with Blacks — like they were friends! Friends means equals — and Mr. Sterling did not at all view Blacks as equals. He employed them, he gloried in their athletic ability — and certainly he made money off them. But equals — never! Separate and unequal. That is the very basis of racism. And that is what America needs to confront.

Marge Harlan


Retired Psychologist